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Utility-pole mounted chargers in Melrose

This special project was brought to life in Melrose by AmpUp, EVSE LLC and National Grid
The pole-mounted charger in use
Image: AmpUp's newsletter

The city of Melrose, Massachusetts did something special, launching utility-pole-mounted EVSE chargers across their city for public use.

Mounted 10-feet high on the wooden utility poles, it drives down the installation costs significantly. Our friends at AmpUp (interview coming soon btw) are a part of it and the charging goes through their app.

How it works: After scanning the QR code on the pole, the charging cable will lower to the ground level for plugging the car in, starting the charge via the AmpUp app. The cable retracts itself after the charge is finished by the user. (link)

I like three things about this:

One is scalability - since installation costs are low and utility poles (with electricity) near parking spaces abundant, this makes total sense to be used in a larger scale.

Second, the charger itself can easily be switched out, so if something's wrong with it, it'll be fast to replace. A similar idea to what we've covered about REE and the REEcorner modular technology (in newsletter #22 here).

Third, the charging cords can reach longer, about two parking spaces  - I think almost every EV owner has had troubles with the charging cord not reaching where it's supposed to.

Congrats, AmpUp team, EVSE LLC, the National Grid and the city of Melrose for the successful pilot!

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