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The EV Universe: UK is Taking Charge – Tesla stock split – Nikola delivers


Today on the EV Universe:

  • The new charging infra policy of the UK which took me way too long to go through and write up.
  • E-vans are cheaper than diesel ones.
  • Tesla's stock split, Nikola delivers, Lotus shows its Hyper SUV.
  • A bunch of electrifying videos to watch.

2,015 words this week, which should take you around 9 minutes to read.

This week's newsletter also somehow got more geared towards Europe. I'll be sure to get the rest of the world Universe back in the mix in the Pro newsletter and next week too.

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The UK is Taking Charge

Made in the UK EVs

I don't know if it's because I'm rather close to the United Kingdom (about a $19 Ryanair flight away) or is it true that the 2030 ICE ban has made the country move way faster than others.

Our BEV sales tracker says the UK showed an 11.6% BEV market share last year, growing 76% over the year before. Last month, they were already at 17.7% BEV share (link).

And, although locals might disagree (do you, our 153 UK readers?), you can see from afar that there's also a lot of real-thought-through policy gearing towards EVs, at least compared to laggards around where I live.

Delivery Plan 2035

This is one of these policy efforts.

The UK government, specifically the Department of Transport, published its EV infrastructure strategy, called Taking Charge. Here's the:

  • Press release (link),
  • The strategy in full (138pp pdf),
  • The new Automotive Roadmap (16pp pdf).

For a lot of these insights. I rely on my good source from the UK, Tom Riley, who writes the weekly The Fast Charge newsletter. I recommend subscribing here to join the British EV info-field. And no, he doesn't know I'm shouting him out here. Surprise!

This is how the public charging locations vary in the UK currently:

Public charging

Here are some takeaways from the strategy:

  • The 2030 vision is to "remove charging infrastructure as both a perceived and a real barrier to the adoption of EVs".Good mission statement:
  • £1.6B ($2.1B) committed towards UK's charging network, hoping to reach over 300,000 public chargers by 2030, 10x what it is now.
  • Significant support focused on those without access to off-street parking, and on fast charging for longer trips.
  • £500M for public chargers, including £450M to the LEVI fund that boosts projects like EV hubs and on-street charging. I'm planning to look into the different on-street charging projects soon to learn, lots of innovations I've seen in the UK.
  • Pledge to address any barriers that private sectors might have, like local councils delaying planning permission & high connection costs (!).

Legally binding standards (rules) are set for charging operators:

  • They need to meet 99% reliability standards for 50kW+ chargers by 2024. (uptime!)
  • Use a new 'single payment metric' so people could compare prices across networks.
  • Standardize the payment methods for charging, so people don’t have to use a multitude of apps.
  • People will need to be able to get help and support if they have problems with a charger.
  • All chargepoint data will be open, people will be able to locate chargers more easily.
  • Remember Kate's problem with bp pulse I wrote about last week? Well, this shouldn't happen now...

"The Government’s policy is for a market-led rollout" and other notes on the report make it rather clear that the infra strategy relies heavily on private leadership that should make the charging networks work and expand with the help (and rules) of the government.

Also, local authorities seem to be empowered and seen as the leadership of the program, especially through the Local EV Infrastructure Fund.

Now, bp pulse has done a great move and announced its own £1B ($1.31B) investment into developing the charging network over the next 10 years, which the government happily shared along with its own infra plan. Good marketing?

If you've read all of my rant above and find the UK's moves interesting, you'll love the 10 takeaways of this policy from Tom's perspective (here).

Now it all comes down to execution.

📊 Chart of the week: e-vans

T&E e-vans

The headline says it all. T&E's study (57pp pdf).

The study analyzed six countries that make up 76% of vans sold in Europe and found the average electric van is already 25% cheaper per km to own and operate today than the average diesel van.

The study also outlines the e-van supply is not enough to satisfy growing demand (3% of van sales were electric in 2021) and calls to change the CO2 targets for vans, which are currently aimed at only ~10% share for e-vans by 2030.

Jaan's rant:

Seeing the recent results, demand growth and automakers' claims (which might mean nothing, of course) from Mercedes, VW and Renault Commercial Vans, I'd guess OEMs will be beyond the 10% by 2030 without any further regulations anyway. E.g VW Commercial Vans plans to sell 55% of its vans as BEV in 2030.

But the bigger the e-share, the better of course.

While we're on the e-van topic, I suggest subscribing to the "vangeek" Paul Kirby's YT channel. He makes great videos on electric vans.

Have you ever wondered, why you don't see too many news on new battery plants here?

It isn't because they aren't being announced.

VW Gigafactories

It's just that I'm listing these kinds of news up and dissecting the connections in our Pro newsletter. 120 GWh (or ~2.4M EVs) worth just last week. Join our 50+ members for more insights on our Pro newsletter, community and resources:

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⚡ Znippets

ICYMI: here's the last week's most clicked link: After a local Tesla event, a driver in a rented Tesla Model S jumped 50ft in the air in SF, reenacting an earlier Model X jump at the same spot, only to crash hard into a parked Subaru:

📈 Tesla announced a stock split, if shareholders vote for it at this year's annual meeting (tweet). Here's the Form 8-K filing relating to the split announcement (link). I guess we weren't too much off on our 12/9 December 9th split conspiracy, which even made it into an InsideEVs article I wrote (here).

🚚 USPS, which we scoffed at for being so ICEy with their fleet renewal plans, made its first ($3B-worth) order of 50k vehicles to the bid-winner Oshkosh. It did however up its earlier 10% EV order to a minimum of 10,019 (~20%) of the initial order.

A significant change. We're hoping it will continue to increase (and not stop when reaching 10% of the 165k total). (link)

An ACEA report says 14,000 public chargers should be installed weekly across the EU, compared to ~2,000 per week currently. This is to get to the 6.8M public chargers needed by 2030 to reach the proposed 55% CO2 reduction in car emissions. (link)

🔋 US President Biden is issuing a directive to use the Defense Production Act to secure American supply chains for the critical materials that go into batteries for EVs and storage of renewable energy (link) and (tweet).

🔋 The global lithium-ion battery recycling market is projected to grow from $4.6B in 2021 to $22.8B by 2030 (report).

I'm sure the 199-page report is top-notch and well worth the $4950. The above is already a good insight. If you'll stick with me, I'm on the path to making (roughly) the same knowledge accessible to anyone for ~$10/month.

🚛 Nikola has started the series production of its Tre battery-electric semi-truck on March 21st. It expects to build and deliver 500 of it this year and wants to raise an additional $1.5B by issuing 200M ordinary shares. It also held its Investor Day (video) and here's the Analyst Presentation (95pp pdf).

Nikola Tre

🚙 GM says it has received over 65,000 orders for the GMC Hummer EVs, and reserving one now means a likely delivery in 2024. (link)

🚙 Lotus (a subsidiary of Geely) presented the Eletre "hyper SUV". It runs on an 800-V platform and targets an up-to-600km (373mi) WLTP range and should go 0-62mph in under three seconds. (link)

It's the internally-named Type 132 I wrote to you about earlier. Lotus plans to sell only electric cars from 2028. Here's a video walkaround from Jack of the Fully Charged.

Electrify America showcased its Future of Charging plans, which show solar canopies, security cameras, dedicated amenities, and even valet charging at some concepts. (19pp pdf)

UK Minister says Tesla will open all its Superchargers in the UK for other EVs "within weeks" (link)

Ubitricity (a Shell subsidiary) will install >200 lantern charging points in Berlin, which will provide up to 4.6kW (link)

ChargePoint partnered with Goldman Sachs Renewable Power, which (should) lead to enterprise customers being able to install the chargers without a large upfront capital investment. (link)

Volta Charging, the EV charging company we've covered before that notably has video displays for ads equipped with chargers, looks to be in trouble. The CEO Scott Mercer and President Chris Wendel (also founders) both resigned from the charging company.

It didn't help that just before, the company has postponed releasing its Q4 earnings. The stock ($VLTA) has tumbled about -26% after the news.

Not a good sign. We'll see, I'm hoping the company will get back on its feet - we need all the help for the EV adoption we can get.

I'm watching:

I'm on a video spree this week, so no reading for you today. Here's an extra dose of great EV video content instead:

👀 Kyle of Out of Spec drag races Rivian R1T against... EVerything:

And while we're at it, I'll throw in a Hagerty video of Rivian's R1T vs RAM TRX (fastest pickup in the world) vs Ford Raptor vs GMC Syclone drag race.  Guess who dominates? Another great production with Jason Cammisa. Darn, I love their slow-motion edits (video).

And then... there's the Rivian R1T against the GMC Hummer EV by Throttle House (video).

👀 I stumbled upon a Tesla recruitment video from 2011. Bonus points if you can spot Peter Rawlinson (CEO of Lucid).

Compare that with the new Tesla's Giga Berlin recruitment video. 11 years can work wonders.

And here's a compilation video of Giga Berlin Delivery Day, by Tesla. Features Elon's dance moves too:

Last but not least, a Tesla Giga Berlin (really skilled) flythrough video:

👀 I'm a huge fan of the production (and joke) quality of Jason Cammisa and the Hagerty team. Here are 18 minutes of your life you won't ask back, on Lucid Air:

If I ever start a YT channel ("ever" meaning very soon), this is what I'll strive towards.

👀 CNBC has compiled several of their battery-related stories into a new hour-long Charged episode, dubbed The Big Business of Energy for the EV Industry (video). Although some of the information is already outdated a bit, it does serve as an approximate overview.

👀 Herbert Diess with Elke Temme, the Head of Charging & Energy Business in VW, "testing" the Plug&Charge feature in an ID.4 at Ionity (video).

👀 I love the takes from Matt Ferrell from the Undecided and now he's made a rough dive into solar EVs. Featuring our favorites, he goes over Sono, Fisker, Lightyear, and Aptera. (video)

EV Tweet

As it's the 'joke day' while I'm sending this newsletter out (it's past 2 am on April 1st here), here are 10 memes I wrote up to describe the EV (auto)industry today. Just for fun.

That's it for today!

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