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The Weekly Momentum #28

The most notable EV news of the week from EV companies, countries, charging networks, battery & mining, etc.
The Weekly Momentum #28


Revel fleet
Image: Revel

REVEL, the electric mobility company, will launch an all-electric rideshare service in Manhattan. The first 50 Revel-blue Tesla’s will be in the streets in late May. Differentiating from the regular “gig-economy” rideshare, the drivers of these vehicles will be employed by Revel, receiving all the benefits that come with it. CEO and co-founder Frank Reig said:

"Cities like New York don’t need another company promising electric fleets in 2030 – they need companies delivering now. Revel is building a platform to electrify cities, and rideshare is a key part of it."

The new service adds to the electric mopeds, eBikes, and fast-charging stations (seen on our #17 here) that Revel has distributed to electrify cities through shared electric mobility. (link)

We’ve got some Revelers with us as members here, so here are my congratulations – I love where this is heading!
Coincidentally I’ve got 12+ million miles of electric, quality-driven e-taxi business experience to share, similar to what you’re building. Hit me up at jaan@evuniverse.io!

^ REE Automotive signed a business agreement with Hino Motors, Toyota's truck division. They'll develop a "next-generation commercial mobility" modular platform  (video). REE also has a partnership with Magna, so these are the steps in the right (modular) direction.

HONDA targets 100% of zero-emission electrified sales in North America by 2040. Targets for 2030 are 40% and 2035 are 80%. Honda's e:Architecture will be used for new EV models in the 'second half of the decade'. Two electric SUVs, one from Honda and one from Acura, will be introduced as model year 2024 EVs, which will be using GM's Ultium batteries (link).

CADILLAC announced all new vehicles will be all-electric starting now. Existing ICE vehicles line-up, which is quite fresh today, will be sold along the EVs until 2030. This puts the sub-brand of General Motors ahead of the 2035 deadline of GM itself. (link)

BATTLE MOTORS acquired Crane Carrier Company to produce fully electric class 7 and 8 trucks. Battle One class 8 severe duty EV truck will be reaching the market this summer. By the way - Battle Motors' team includes the founder of Romeo Power, Michael Patterson, and co-founder of Faraday Future, and former head of vehicle engineering at Tesla, Nick Sampson. (link)

TOYOTA is buying Lyft's autonomous car division for $550M  (link). Yeah I know, it's not EV, but this is a big deal. Uber has previously offloaded its AV efforts to Aurora at the end of last year.

JOLTA, the EV-only dealership network, announced it will serve as the US distributor for Faraday Future (link).


Ikea, Volvo, Uber, Leaseplan, and Fastned are among 27 companies that sent out an 'open call' to the European Commission to set an end date for selling new combustion engine cars (including hybrids) in Europe no later than 2035. You can 'sign the letter' too, not sure where they show it though. I'm not a fan of bans & subsidies, but even doing this does show intent for the supply chain and might 'push' some towards electrification. I also like their domain: icephaseout.org.

New York State is about to pass the bill banning gas car sales after 2035 (link).

In the US, Democratic lawmakers introduced legislation that would invest $25 billion to convert the entire US fleet of ICE school buses to electric vehicles (link).


^ The VW ID.4 dual-motored GTX world premiere was live yesterday. I timestamped the above video on what I think is one of the coolest car presentations I've seen. Here's the downloadable HD (link).

Hongguang Mini EV, the SAIC-GM-Wuling joint venture manufactured all-electric city car in China has sold an average of 1,000 units a day in the first quarter, 96,674 in total. The next best-selling EV was the Tesla Model 3 with 52,859 units. (link)

Tesla Model 3 has become the best-selling premium sedan in the world, beating both BMW 3-series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class, according to Tesla's Q1 results. Keep in mind - Tesla doesn't even have its European factory in Berlin up and running yet.

Ford Mustang Mach-e GT and GT Performance versions revealed, starts taking orders from $60k (link).

Quds Rise is an EV sportscar made from start to finish by EV Electra in Lebanon. The angry-looking sportscar is reportedly planned to start at $30k (made me 'hmm') with a production of up to 10k vehicles starting this year. (link)

FORD confirmed that it will invest $300M to build a new light commercial vehicle in 2023 at its Craiova Assembly Plant in Romania, including an all-electric version due to debut in 2024. (link)


Here’s a great side-by-side (video) of abuse testing the Soteria’s solution in Lithium-ion cells, which would eliminate the possibility of thermal runaway. The video shows what happens on overcharging and penetrating a nail through the cell. The solution will be soon available to customers through SVOLT. Could this be the end of battery fires?

Tesla is adding a battery and electric motor repair and recycling facility, as well as the ability to manufacture electric motors and motor controllers (link) to its Shanghai plant. Tesla also reportedly included the construction & operation of Giga Berlin Battery Cell factory in the new application (link).

FORD plans to open a $185M R&D battery lab to develop and manufacture battery cells and batteries, called the Ford Ion Park. Located in southeast Michigan near its Allen Park test laboratories, the 200k sqft facility will open at the end of 2022. The mission is to (link):

“ allow Ford to quickly scale breakthrough battery cell designs with novel materials once the company vertically integrates battery cells and batteries. ”

Notably, Ford’s former CEO Jim Hackett said that Ford will not build its own cells – 7 months later, under the new hand of Jim Farley, the process for just that starts.

BMW will receive €68M ($82.3M) in state funding from The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy for its battery projects. This will likely fall into the R&D of the ‘Neue Klasse’ battery technology. The ministry has also assured Tesla, that this kind of financial support will be available for Giga Berlin’s battery factory. (link)

EVLOMO Incorporated and Rojana Industrial Park Public Co., Ltd. announced plans to invest $1.06B to build an 8 GWh Lithium Battery plant in the EEC of Thailand (link)

An ABB-sponsored Ultima Media report analyzed the battery supply chain (pdf). The report expects the EVs will overtake ICE sales in 2036 and the capacity of battery production to reach 2,857 GWh by 2030.


The pole-mounted charger in use

The city of Melrose, Massachusetts did something special, launching utility-pole-mounted EVSE chargers across their city for public use. Mounted 10-feet high on the wooden utility poles, it drives down the installation costs significantly. Our friends at AmpUp (interview coming soon btw) are a part of it and the charging goes through their app. How it works: After scanning the QR code on the pole, the charging cable will lower to the ground level for plugging the car in, starting the charge via the AmpUp app. The cable retracts itself after the charge is finished by the user. (link)

I like three things about this.

One is scalability - since installation costs are low and utility poles (with electricity) near parking spaces abundant, this makes total sense.

Second, the charger itself can easily be switched out, so if something's wrong with it, it'll be fast to replace, much like we talked about the idea on REEcorner modular technology.

Third, the charging cords can reach longer, about two parking spaces  - I think almost every EV owner has had troubles with the charging cord not reaching where it's supposed to. Congrats, AmpUp team, for the successful pilot!

Tritium was selected by the US Army to support the electrification of its ~225k Army vehicles (link)

EnBw, the German utility company, is developing Europe’s largest public fast charging station with 52 charging points at Kamener Kreuz (link)

Tesla intends to power all Supercharger stations with renewable energy this year. (link)

ChargePoint calculated that since 2007, ChargePoint drivers have driven over 2.6 billion electric miles and have avoided using 128M gallons of gas. ChargePoint stations have avoided roughly 373K metric tons of GHG emissions. This is equivalent to recycling 26 million bags of waste or Planting over 10 million tree seedlings and letting them grow for 10 years (link). I’ve always been fond of these kinds of real-world comparisons. I recently calculated our e-taxi service had done 445 trips around the Earth total with Nissan LEAFs… who said anything about range anxiety?


Canoo pickup
Image: Canoo

What's going on in CANOO?
The co-founder and CEO Ulrich Kranz resigns, leaving control to Tony Aquila. Curiously, the Chief Lawyer, Andrew Wolstan left too, following the CFO, the head of powertrain development and one of the founding members, all leaving within this year.

According to The Verge, Aguila has, since the SPAC merger late last year, focused on moving the startup away from its original goal of creating an electric van that people would “subscribe” to and toward developing more truck-like vehicles for commercial fleets. (link)

Al Prescott, the Vice President of legal affairs at Tesla, left to join the LIDAR startup Luminar, becoming its Chief Legal Officer. Al is the one who famously said Tesla's MCUs were 'wear parts', something Tesla wanted to dispute.

An Advanced Energy Economy report projects that California’s electric transportation-related workforce will nearly double by 2024 (link)


Bosch board member, Stefan Hartung, said the company still plans to invest in ICE technology for another 20-30 years. They're also betting on renewable fuels. (link)

Per Financial Times, Bosch also argued that diesel and petrol engines had advanced to the point where they "no longer have an appreciable impact on air quality". (link)

I liked how Reilly in Trucks | FoT newsletter put it: “Imagine believing that and then also saying it.”

Bosch is one of the largest auto-industry suppliers... and it surprises me they've taken the 'laggard' position in the EV transition.

Louisiana state's Motor Vehicle Commission wants to push out the only Tesla Service Center with warranty repairs there. Here's a (link) from Tesla to contact Governor John Bel Edwards and urge him to allow the repairs.

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