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The premium subscription

The premium subscription

I'll give you a condensed version of what you'll get extra on our paid membership:

  • Deep Dive essay once a month.
  • Private community, which also serves as a home base for all the resources. This is where the magic is. (Not based on FB, Slack, or Discord, but a customized platform for us. Has an app.)
  • EV industry Map with 700+ interactive connections. Updated weekly with a changelog on the platform.
  • 119 EV-related stocks on Google Sheets tracked live. Updated constantly. Coming: Deeper dive to each company on it and added metrics.
  • EV Industry¬≤, an extra detailed overview of the industry every Friday.
  • Dealbase, a sortable database of investments in the EV industry.
  • Events, like AMAs with experts, showcases, monthly gathering.
  • Event calendar, I'm putting up every EV-related event out there.
  • No ads (the free newsletter will get some relevant ads soon).

Here's a screenshot of what the home base looks like:

HomeBase screenshot

And if you've seen how this newsletter has progressed over the last year, you know I won't stop there. We're building this to be very extensive across the industry.

If you decided this might be for you, you'll find the entrance here.
If not, I'm still super happy to have you here and will continue to provide value with the free resources.

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