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Rimac C_Two - fastest production car in the world?

Here's an EV AD that wasn't meant to be one:

Rimac Automobili's founder Mate Rimac is showing one of the 1 of 5 pre-production C-Two hypercars in action.

The spot in Croatia is where he, exactly 10 years ago, broke 5 FIA and Guinness World Records with his green converted BMW E30. I like Mate's down-to-earth communication here:

"We are a car-manufacturer and you shouldn't ever trust a car manufacturer, that's why we brought the testing equipment to show you the real speed."

How fast? The Fastest!

The car shown is about 85-90% of the final car's torque, has no Launch Mode yet, and uses regular tires, the test is happening on an unused straight road in Croatia.

To give you a benchmark, the current world's fastest production car, Bugatti Chiron does 9.4 seconds on quarter-mile. The C-Two did the 1/4 mile casually with 8.94 seconds!

This will most definitely make Rimac's EV hypercar the fastest production car in the world, as soon as they start production in about two months.

The 0-60 in these conditions was 2.33s, which would place it in 5th place in the world. I'm sure it will improve.

They also brought out the Taycan Turbo S as a reference point. Although the Taycan launches better due to Rimac's missing Launch control, it looks like a snail on the road pretty fast.

Make sure to watch Mate geek out about the car in the (video).

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