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Podcast Ep 2 part 2: José Pontes, the EV numbers guy

Podcast Ep 2 part 2: José Pontes, the EV numbers guy

Time for part 2 of our chat with José Pontes, the founder of EV-Sales.blogspot.com, co-founder of EV-Volumes.com, and a writer for CleanTechnica. He's an all-around numbers buff that started gathering the EV sales data already back in 2012.

First off - if you missed it, the first part of the conversation is here (link). Let's go:

In this episode, we'll chat about:

  • When will the EV prices be comparable to ICE in lower-income countries?
  • The two boogeymen driving electrification: Tesla and China
  • Rapid fire, where I ask series of fast questions like: pickup from Rivian or Ford?
  • We touch on José's fascination of BMW i3.
  • What's the one thing about EVs we should talk about but we don't?
  • Portugal has ~15% sales electric... how? And why is it still a pain.

Give it a listen (here).

I have a feeling we'll be seeing José around in the EV Universe later on. Was fun talking to you, thanks José!

--- Who should I chat about EVs with next?

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