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šŸš— Opel Mokka-e review by Jaan ā˜•

Here's my quick +/- after testing the Opel (Vauxhall) Mokka-e:

I uploaded some pictures (here) if you want a more detailed look.

Here's what I think of the car:

āœ”ļø Sporty design. I was pleasantly surprised about the overall looks of the compact SUV. It looks like a nice car to rally through the city.

āœ”ļø A smallish turning circle makes it easier to maneuver in the narrow city streets. Nothing can beat the Honda e though.

āœ”ļø The car is able to charge with 100kW: 0-20% 100kW, 20-50% 75kW and 50-65% 50kW. Not bad.

āœ”ļø The real-world range seems to be around 250km, which is OK for a 45kWh usable battery (50kWh total) and covers most needs.

āŒ Boot opening and camera location. I thought it isn't possible to put the rear camera in a worse position than it is on a Nissan LEAF. Achievement unlocked. Here's where you open the trunk, the rear camera is there too:

This camera will get schmutzig reaaaal fast.

āŒ Cost. The Mokka-e starts at ~ ā‚¬32.4k (about $38.5k), which is... funny to me. The petrol version is about ā‚¬18k (~$21.4k), starting the EV version of the car at almost twice the price. I still see this one as a compliance car from Opel.

āŒ Like several other EVs, the Mokka-e has purposely put in a delay between hitting the gas pedal and accelerating. This is so weird to me, why take away one of the key things that make EVs so enjoyable - them being a part of you? I'd assume they are trying to protect the battery pack somehow.

āŒ Mokka-e uses the same e-CMP platform the Peugeot e-2008 does and looks to have inherited one of the core problems - seating in the back. More precisely, getting in and out of the back seat, which is really made difficult. And if you do get out, you're almost guaranteed to get dirty because you've rubbed yourself on the side of the car. This is all due to the 'pit' that you sit into, leaving a high step between the floor and the body of the car and a small doorway.

I've timestamped a video from Nicholas for you, where he shows the problems getting in and out of the car (video). Although, once you sit inside the car, it's spacious enough thanks to this drop for the feet.

āŒ Ignition. It might be my pet peeve, but... you've got to hold the "engine start/stop button" for about 3 seconds before the car starts. In the age of technology, why do we try to mimic the old gas guzzlers? Also, engine?!

Since my reviews are a bit biased anyway, clouded of my own experiences and opinions, I'll leave the verdict to you.

* Thanks Erki, for getting me behind the wheel of this one.

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