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Newsletter: It's the World EV Day – e-Podcast with José Pontes – Electric Cannonball Race

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Happy World EV Day!

Yes, this exists. Let's celebrate.

Looks like our YouTube channel is off to a good start: the Ioniq 5 videos have gotten over 11 thousand views within the first five days. Youtube says the watch time is 645 hours total, so almost 27 days worth. Crazy!

Right now I've got three more EVs lined up for you:

  1. Citroën ë-C4
  2. BMW iX3
  3. Tesla Model 3 Standard Range

As before, you can drop me your questions about the cars and I'll show 'em on video. Should be fun!

Now, let's get to the real stuff 👇

- Jaan

Our podcast episode 2: José Pontes, the EV numbers guy

Podcast image intro

Here's the link to the Pod on blog: (link) and on Spotify: (link)

If you're into electric vehicles, I'm 99% certain you've seen his work.

I sat down with José Pontes, the founder of EV-Sales.blogspot.com, co-founder of EV-Volumes.com, and a writer for CleanTechnica.

José started gathering the EV sales data already back in 2012 and about 2,000 detailed posts later, he's shutting down the blog. I'm asking him why and we'll chat about everything EVs. This 45-minute talk is part 1, the next will drop in a week.

What you'll hear us ranting about:

  • The backstory of how José got around to reporting the EV news and how major outlets picked his numbers up.
  • How the EV community around the world came together to help.
  • The catalyst events that have shaped our latest EV era into what it is today, like #dieselgate and subsidies.
  • José is being paid by Chinese automakers for showing good numbers and living is in their mansion (not really, but comments say so).
  • Carbon tax.
  • How and when should you phase out incentives - where to start?

And some more. If you think you can handle my accent, you can access the Pod on:

our blog here (link),

Buzzsprouts page here (link), or

Spotify is up now too: (link)

I'm already working on getting our podcast listed on Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, etc as well, it just takes a bit of time.

A thank you.

Here's my thanks to José. Both for sitting down for a chat with me and especially for all the work he has done to expand the EV universe since 2012. If I ever create a 'legend' wall of the EV Universe, you'll be up there. Keep at it!


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In this newsletter tomorrow we'll cover the IAA Mobility show in Munich that unveiled a bunch of interesting EVs for us, including several Mercedes-Benz EVs and the €20k VW ID.LIFE. And as usual, the latest from Battery, Charging, Models and more.

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⚡ The Znippets

  • Congrats to Eleport, an Estonian charging infrastructure provider, for expanding their business into neighboring Latvia! So happens that another long-time friend of the EV Universe, Kārlis from Uzladets.lv, will be the CEO of the new branch. Small universe. Good luck with the new position, Kārlis!
Eleport Latvija
  • LeasePlan, the Car-as-a-Service company put in an initial order of 3,000 Vans. Can't wait to lease one of these, just because. Arrival is one of the EV companies I'm rooting for (no, I don't own the stock).
LeasePlan Arrival Van
  • AA surveyed about 14.5k drivers for World EV Day on basic EV misconceptions, like 'why is an EV most likely to break down'. The average answers in the UK guessed 2/3 of EV breakdowns are due to a lack of charge in the battery. Reality? Fewer than 4% of the 13k EV breakdowns from last year were caused by this. The main reasons for breakdowns were the same as gas cars: tires and the 12V 'starter'battery. (link)
  • New York State set a goal in its new legislation for all new passenger cars and trucks sold to be zero emissions by 2035 (link).
  • Hyundai announced it'll sell only EVs in Europe starting in 2035. I can see that happening, probably even sooner. More in tomorrow's email. (link)
  • Genesis (a Hyundai Motor subsidiary) announced it's going EV only from 2025. The livestream of their new move is here: Futuring Genesis.
  • Toyota, the company that has looked like it's trying to sabotage EV-efforts (our deep dive here), now announced a $13.6B investment in battery tech over the next decade, including $9B in production of batteries. 200GWh of batteries annually is the goal (link).
  • Ford revealed the reservation numbers for F-150 Lightning - 130k and Ford e-Transit - 24k. (link) An interview with Jim Farley, Ford's CEO also says the Mach-E GT pleasantly surprised with strong demand.
  • Tesla held a company-wide meeting a week ago, which, naturally, leaked out pretty much live (thread). Biggest talking points:
  • Gigafactory Berlin to get approval in October
  • V10 of its Full-Self-Driving Beta to drop (this week) and the public 'button' to test in 2 weeks after that. We all know Elon's 'two weeks'. Fun fact: Elon runs the 'alpha' software on his own car before it's released to the public.
  • The Teslas upcoming cheapest model won't be named "Model something" and might not have a steering wheel & pedals. It will be produced in 2023.
  • Open charging network in Europe very soon, maybe next month.
  • Cybertruck to start production in late 2022.
  • Robo Van planned for people with disabilities in the future.
  • In an email to Tesla employee obtained by Electrek, Elon Musk shared with employees Ark’s new $3,000 price target and that he agrees with Ark: “If we execute really well, I agree with Ark Invest.” (link) $TSLA trades currently at ~$757, which would mean its market cap would be at $3 Trillion. It's ~$749.5B currently. $3T would make Tesla the 'most valuable company in the world'.
  • Rivian seeks an $80B valuation, with a confidential IPO filing (link). Super excited for Rivian.
  • A new triple Guinness World Record was made when a team drove the Ford Mustang Mach-E from top to bottom in the UK, an 840 mile (1,352 km) journey. The records are for shortest charging time, fewest charge stops, and lowest energy consumption.
Ford Mustang Mach-E
  • TALENT: Ford hired Doug Field as Chief Advanced Technology and Embedded Systems Officer. The exec was previously leading Apple's special projects team (working on Titan car project) and has also worked as a senior VP of engineering at Tesla. This marks a round-trip for Field who started in Ford in '87. (link)

European Electric Cannonball

Two Tesla owners that go by the handles @TeslaStars and @TeslaOwls started an #EuropeanElectricCannonball race, where they hope to drive from Cape Saint-Vincent 🇵🇹 to Cape North 🇳🇴 a roughly 6,000km journey, in less than 72 hours.

Cannonball banner

If you're an EV owner that's on the route, get in touch. As I write this, they are driving in Northern France near Senlis (link).

I love these kinds of journeys. ⚡speed to you guys!


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📺 What I'm watching

  • A "race" to Arctic Circle between Mach-e, Taycan, and Model 3 with TeslaBjorn, Pawel and, Kris Rifa:
  • Chillin' with Chet tries to make his Model S Plaid a submarine. Goes well with our recent Tesla Boat videos (video-compilatweetion here):

Wholesome: a 101-year-old drives Ford Mustang Mach-E,  90 years after first learning to drive in a Model T:

📚 Something to read

  • A good read giving perspective on Bolt fires compared to the rest of the automotive industry (link).
  • The backstory of the Tesla Model X found destroyed on a frozen lake (link).
MX destroyed

🧩 A riddle.

What's the CEO of Lucid Motors, Peter Rawlinson, trying to hint with his four fingers up on pictures?

Oh, you thought I knew? I don't. Let me know if you do. I loved a GIF response @TomasSin4 left us:

RDJ gang signs

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