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Newsletter | Europe's charging scene – F-150 Lightning starts production – Renault to IPO its EV business?

Hey! Another week has gone by in this crazy fast-moving EV Universe. Time to chill and recap what's happened.

Today, on the EV Universe:

  • The big picture on the charging scene of Europe.
  • Ford starts F-150 Lightning⚡  series production
  • Renault might IPO its EV business and RJ Scaringe predicts all gloom and doom (he's right).

2,008 words this week, makes for a 9-minute read. Let's go!

- Jaan


📚  Today's reading tip is:

State of the Industry

from ChargeUp Europe.

A 55-page report on the whole charging ecosystem in Europe (pdf). ChargeUp Europe is an association (... lobby group?) of 28 industry members that operate over 500,000 chargers. You might recognize some of them:

I'm glad to see a significant share of these companies are also represented in the EV Universe subscriber base. :)

Here are some numbers, graphs and insights I found noteworthy. If you're interested, make sure to check out the report for the case studies too. Also, keep in mind that a public charger in this report can mean both AC or DC charging.

  • 330,000 publicly accessible charging stations in the EU in 2021:
  • 87% under 22kW AC
  • 6% ≤ 100kW DC
  • 4% 22-43kW AC
  • 3% >100kW DC
  • Very unevenly distributed, >50% of public chargers are in the Netherlands or Germany.
  • There are 73 public chargers per 100k people of EU (so one for every 1370 people):
per 100k inhabitants
  • The growth rate of chargers is healthy:
Stock of charging infra
  • This one's a good overview for us - public charging capacity per BEV, by country (kW/BEV). The EU average is at 2.9kW. Here, also the higher-powered chargers play a role, especially with smaller fleets.
  • Here's a bit  broader visual of the process for setting up a public charging site. It can take up to three years to establish a grid connection for a new DC charger.
Charging station process map
  • In non-public charging, residential charging is more than twice as large in units as workplace charging - and the majority (>80%) of residential chargers are sold in DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). Meanwhile, workplace charging is more common in France and Nordic countries like Norway, Sweden, Finland. Also, workplace chargers are utilized 4x more on average, at 400kWh/week.
  • Forecasts from the report:
  • The total stock of chargers will 10x by 2030, from today's 3M units.
  • In 2020, EVs consumed ~0.3% of the total electricity demand, in 2030 it is estimated to be 4%.
  • In 2021, BEVs estimated electricity demand in the EU was ~6 TWh. In 2030 it is projected to be 108 TWh.
  • The job positions connected to the EU's charging market: 34,500 in 2021 and will increase to 122,200 (+254%) by 2030:

Together with Beast

Pre-booking beast

You know how I've had zero sponsored content in these newsletters since we started in late 2020? Well, that's about to change.

Sort of.

So I'm doing this thing where I offer special perks to those that bring in their  team to the EV Universe Pro (ask me about a team deal). For our friends at Beast, this means they'll get to shout out how they're expanding the EV adoption every now and then. And I'm happy to do this as I love their mission and how they operate.

Background: Beast is an Estonian startup that has created a fully-automated quality Tesla rental, accessible 24/7 currently in four countries in Northern Europe. Growing like crazy.

Anna-Maria, the CEO (and who I decided to call the Queen Beast), is excited to share their new feature with you: the contactless pre-booking system. Their rental has always been easy - no keys, no paperwork needed, just a few clicks. And now you can do it in advance. Here's what she says about it:

Anna-Maria @ Beast
Our fully contactless booking system has really been an incredible complement to our service, for both our users and the team. If you’re the pre-booking type of person, it’s the best solution out there.
The past weeks have brought a lot of amazing news as we also just launched our service in Riga. We can all clearly feel that we have incredible fans there that have been waiting for us for a while. The whole team at Beast is incredibly grateful for the never-ending support and shared excitement.

Learn more about Beast and the contactless booking here. And members - you can ask her questions about Beast here.

And here's my thank you for the Beast team for being with us & supporting the EV Universe expansion along the way!

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Our EV jobs vote results on whether I should keep the column in the future was: 37 YES vs 2 NO.

Thank you.

I've now 'bumped' the EV job board idea earlier on the roadmap of the EV Universe. I'll create it so this here wouldn't take up too much space and later it'll be merged with our ecosystem. Coming "soon". Meanwhile...

Beast Rent, the premium Tesla rental startup, is hiring for a remote role of Senior Full Stack JS Engineer | Communications Manager (in 🇪🇪)

Cling Systems the circularity startup for EV batteries, is hiring: Sales Manager | Business Developer | Marketing Intern | Business Developer Intern. Location: preferred non-remote, in Stockholm, Sweden.

Recurrent Auto, the startup solving the used EV battery health transparency (from the story above) is hiring for  Customer Success Manager | Data Scientist | Frontend Engineer | Product Manager | Senior Frontend, and Senior Software Engineer. Location: remote-first, US-based.

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F-150 ⚡ series production launch

Farley next to the F-150s
„We plan to challenge Tesla and all comers to become the top EV maker in the world. That’s something that no one would have believed just two years ago from us. Take a look at this truck and believe it."

This is what Jim Farley, Ford's CEO said on the F-150 Lightning (series) production launch event on Tuesday in Rouge Electric Vehicle Centre in Dearborn, Michigan.

Here's the launch event in full (42:25):

Little side note - it hits a bit weird that on FORD's launch event, I heard the name of the little rival, Tesla, at least 5 times. They even had a reservation holder say they'll trade in their Tesla for the pickup. I'm not saying it isn't true - but it's just so blatantly obvious.

Farley has previously said that they already stretched the EV capability to 600k by 2023 and plan on 2M by 2026. Given the current supply constraints, I'd say the former is under doubt.

Catching Tesla isn't feasible for several years ... with it having delivered 936,172 EVs last year and moving at ~50 to 60% CAGR. Still, competition is healthy and the F-150 has a powerful history and user base. For scale, Ford sold 726,004 F-150s in 2021.

Ford claims it has 200k reservations lined up for the electric pickup, stopped taking orders for the model year and we know the EV demand isn't really a problem right now if the vehicle is proper. Three out of four reservation holders are new to Ford.

A strong BEV plan might be a make-or-break for Ford, as its vehicle sales have been steadily falling for the last four years, from a 6.6M peak in 2017 to 3.9M in 2021.

It's about how many of these you can make now. And about making sure you've got that supply chain bulletproof. Good luck, Ford!

⚡ Tour-de-Universe

ICYMI, last week's most-clicked link was: the graph showing all the BEVs available in the US (28 models)

🇳🇱  In the major cities of the Netherlands, all taxis and rental cars newly registered after 2025 need to be zero-emission. Other areas in the Netherlands have until 2030. (link in 🇳🇱)

💰 Renault says "all options are on the table", as the automaker is rumored to consider selling a part of its 43.4% stake in Nissan, as a part of the potential spin-off and IPO of its EV business. (link) Nissan holds a 15% in Renault also. This would also mess up the joint EV plans of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance.

Why sell it, you ask? Renault is in trouble. See my newsletter deep dive from a month ago where I covered its negative valuation and how it has to write off $2.3B worth of assets in its 2nd-biggest market: Russia.

⚡ = 💰 GM's Mary Barra says GM will start tying a significant part of executive compensations to the success of its EV targets (link)

⚡ Chevrolet will offer a hybrid Corvette from next year, 'followed by' a fully electric Corvette based on the GM's Ultium platform. (link)

⚡  Tesla Model 3 became the best-selling car of all cars in Europe in March, and Model Y took third place. (link)

⚡ Yesterday, I made a 1,500-word deep dive into all of Tesla's production facilities (members-only). Couldn't find a detailed report anywhere, so I created one.

Tesla factories
Fremont and Gigafactories #1-5

📉  Sono Motors announced a follow-on offering of 10M additional ordinary shares ($SEV) to cover some of the capital needed until the start of production of its solar EV Sion. (link) The new shares haven't been priced yet, but the stock market reacted with a -16% drop.

🛠️  This tool called CarbonCounter, made by MIT's Trancik Lab helps you understand what the lifecycle carbon emissions of BEVs vs hybrids vs ICE vehicles are and evaluate them against climate targets. Make sure you click the 'customize' tab to set up different locations and other conditions. (link)

🚗  Recent EV premieres: BMW i7, Mercedes EQS SUV, Deus Vayanne, Indi EV, Lexus RZ.

🔋 Almost half of all Teslas produced in Q1 had the LFP battery pack, containing no nickel or cobalt (pdf, on page 8).

🔋 Volvo Cars invests (undisclosed amount) in StoreDot through its Tech Fund (link).

Tesla decided to not supply the Mobile Connector (the one that plugs into regular sockets) with its EVs for free anymore. Reason? Elon says the usage statistics were super low. They priced it at $400 which you could buy with the car, but after an uproar from owners/buyers, reduced it to $200. (link)

⚡  Next.e.GO Mobile, the urban EV maker, announced it signed the PSG football (soccer) player Neymar Jr as a brand ambassador. (link) He'll join Next.e.GO as it unveils the electric e.wave X.

🤔  Fisker's CEO, Henrik Fisker, deleted his Twitter account right after Elon Musk's Twitter acquisition went through.

⚡   Alpha Motors sells NFTs of its cars to raise money for Parkinson's research. (link)

💰  Lucid Motors agreed with the government of Saudi Arabia which will buy up 50k vehicles initially with an option to buy 50k more, over a ten-year period. (link)

Connections: The Saudi PIF fund has been a major investor in Lucid, and Lucid plans a plant in Saudi Arabia.

Quote of the week

RJ Scaringe
caption for image

RJ Scaringe, the CEO of Rivian, says:

"Semiconductors are a small appetizer to what we are about to feel on battery cells over the next two decades.
[...] Put very simply, all the world’s cell production combined represents well under 10% of what we will need in 10 years. Meaning, 90% to 95% of the supply chain does not exist.
[...] The shortages will occur everywhere from the mining of raw materials, to processing them, to building the battery cells themselves."

That's it for today - I'll catch up with you next week (or tomorrow, if you've joined the EV Universe Pro).

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