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Newsletter #31 | 🎙️ Interview with AmpUp – Ford F-150 Lightning – 1.1 seconds 0-60? 🚀

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| Weekly #31 |

We've got an exciting journey ahead of us the next few months.

– Jaan



Frackin' finally, right?

I had some great podcast'ish time with Ryan and Matt from AmpUp, the intelligent EV charging company.

Matt and Ryan have been engaging members of our EV Universe for long and now they had the misfortune of being at the very first of many interviews I'll do for the EV Universe resources. Shoutout to Jackson from the team too!

With all three of us deep in the EV industry, we could talk for days. Luckily we were able to distill some of it down to ~40 minutes. Rather than having a strict questioning line, I let most of the topics come naturally about the EV world.

What we covered:

  • AmpUp building their own charging network without chargers, becoming the Airbnb of EV charging,
  • Making charging management easy and simple for businesses,
  • Matt's story in AmpUp,
  • Learned what's the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) and
  • If it's good for the government to be involved in developing charging infrastructure or not.

In the audio version, you'll also hear about us rambling on hybrids being similar to early EVs, educating new EV owners about charging, how dealerships should sell chargers and if the US should introduce something instead of Kilowatts (to feel special again). Fun-fun.

Since I couldn't send all this via the newsletter, the interview can be found on our blog here:

⚡ Shoot the Zap #1

The audiogram versions of it are also here (part 1: 28min) and here (part 2: 11min).

I hope you don't mind that the podcast doesn't have an intro and outro yet. I'm learning this as we go.

I'm even a bit nervous about releasing this. Hope you like it!



Lamborghini announces its roadmap for electrification... not saying when it will phase out gas guzzlers, just seems it will. First off they're offering hybridized lineup by 2024, targeting 50% less CO2 emissions by 2025 and investing $1.5B€ ($1.83B). A fully electric Lamborghini will be introduced in the second part of the decade (link).

GM CEO Mary Barra said during a television appearance on CNBC last week (link):

“That tax credit of $7,500 is significant in a purchase decision. We’d like to see (the 200,000 vehicle limit) lifted and let the marketplace decide and not penalize first movers.”

BMW expects sales to be 50% electric by 2030, avoiding more than 200 million tonnes of CO2 by 2030 (link). That's 200,000,000,000 kg or 440,924,524,370 pounds, by the way. Also equivalent to more than 20 times the annual CO2 emissions of a city with over a million inhabitants, like Munich.

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares brings important discussions to light - the affordability of EVs (link):

"How do you keep cleaner mobility affordable to have a significant impact on the number of tonnes of CO2 we emit? It's not as simple as having cars on sale: you need people wiling to buy and afford them. If we don’t keep the affordability, we will impact freedom of mobility, which is a major problem for modern democracies.” [...] "If we succeed, there will be no significant social consequences. There’s a high chance we will [succeed] by 2025, but there's lots of hard work we have to deliver by 2025. I'm not sure all car companies will be able to do that to deliver competitiveness.

Toyota aims for 15 EV models by 2025 and becomes climate neutral worldwide by 2050 (link).

BYD celebrates the production of 1,000,000th electrified car, with 550k of them being EVs. Sorry, but I won't be calling hybrids EVs. Also - BYD's electric bus and truck buyers will be eligible for a total of $165M in funds through the California's CARB and HVIP projects (link)

Renault's CEO, Luca De Meo, hasn't written off battery swapping (link):

There is a potential upside by trying to find a safe reliable solution to battery swapping. It's not decided but I see it as an interesting opportunity. From a business point of view there is a [good reason] to separate the battery from the car, especially if you are handling the second and third life of the battery.

I guess De Meo doesn't dwell on the past...  You might have heard of the battery swap company Better Place 2013 crash and burn (link).

VW's first quarter shows a 78% year-over-year increase in electric car sales (not hybrids), totaling 59,900 EVs. Hybrids were still more popular with 73,4k units and 178% increase. VW will also need to buy emissions certificates to meet its emission targets outside of Europe. The CEO, Herbert Diess, said: "These are going down as we ramp up our electric strategy, and in two to three years they should be at zero.” (link)

Tesla was the fourth luxury brand in the US in terms of registrations in Q1 with 71k registrations, right after BMW with 84k, Lexus 80k and Mercedes-Benz 77k (link). I'll give it half a year until Tesla sits at the top. Q3 anyone?

A new International Energy Agency (IEA) report calls for "no investment in new fossil fuel supply and end to sales of ICE cars by 2035" (link).

The Verge dug deeper into the USPS - Oshkosh deal and to the possibility of still turning that fleet electric (link).

California Governor Gavin Newsom proposes $3.2B to boost EV infrastructure and adoption in the state, where half of the budget would go to replace the 1,15k trucks, 1k transit buses and 1k school buses with electric models. (link).


Ford unveiled its F-150 Lightning electric truck yesterday. Let's start with President Biden's impressions the day before:

"This sucker's quick!"

If I was at Ford, I'd market the heck out of that, make these words known to everyone. For your reference, this sucker's quick is equivalent to about 4+ seconds for 0-60 mph.

Now, the car itself looks like this:

Image: Ford (CGI)

Here's Ford YouTube playlist of the car's features along with the reveal (video) and here's a video of the prototype by Motor1 (video).

The EPA range will be 230 miles (370km) on entry level and 300 miles (483km) on extended-range.

There's plenty of neat little additions to the car, like the Ford Intelligent Backup Power, which means with some additional gadgets, it can offload 9.6kW to be a backup source of power for your home.

The detail I like most?

The high-tech mega power frunk has 14.1 cubic feet of storage nad handles 400 pounds of payload, is water-resistant with 4 electrical outlets providing up to 2.4kW of power, usb chargers and has a drainable floor.

This will transform the tailgate parties.

Image: Ford

The pricing was surprising to me too, as the truck starts at $39,974 before incentives.

All in all, I'd say it's quite a nice effort from Ford.

Now, on to the fastest production car in the world:

a four-door family sedan.

Even the Rimac's C_Two (deep dive here) might not be able to handle the Plaid.

And neither of those two can come close what Tesla is up to next with the new Tesla Roadster.

Roadster, baby.

While sitting pretty on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum, the information panel of the Tesla Roadster reads (link):

Demonstrating the versatility of electric power [...], an announced SpaceX package would outfit the Roadster with cold air rocket thrusters positioned at the rear, allowing a 0-to-60-mph acceleration time of 1.1 seconds.

And I think Musk is crazy enough to actually pull this off!

In other news - GMC's Hummer could weigh over 9,000 pounds (4 tons) (link); Faraday Future's FF91 will feature a 27'' rear passenger screen (video); How to escape from Tesla's Model S3XY in an emergency (video).

Beacon X showed Teslarati how their new Beacon 4 Tesla works - through connecting the phone, Tesla owners can enjoy video conferences in the car, with video stream on the infotainment system. This made me think - I wonder what happens when Tesla releases a dedicated Tesla App Store, open to third-party developers? This could spark a lot of innovation for the time spent in the car. Join the discussion on Twitter (link).



Polestar has entered into a strategic partnership with blockchain provider Circulor to track the CO2 equivalents through the supply chain. They've already ensured the traceability of cobalt in its batteries (link):

The “lofty goal” is to be able to trace the supply chains of all raw materials. For now, however, the focus is on raw materials “where environmental or human rights risks have been identified”.

Volvo, Polestar's parent company, invested in Circulor last year.

Tesla is rumored to be in talks with EVE Energy for its LFP cells along with CATL. (link) EVE Energy also signed a framework agreement with StoreDot to support the commercialization of the silicon-dominant anode Extreme-Fast-Charging FlashBattery for EVs (link).

Here's Sandy Munro's 1-on-1 with Jagdeep Singh, the Founder and CEO of QuantumScape (video).

24M Technologies closes its Series E with $57M in financing, led by Itochu (link). The US company works on cells with a simple structure and a semi-solid electrolyte.



Swiss charging infrastructure provider Juice Technology is expanding into the USA and founding the subsidiary Juice Americas Inc. with headquarters in Delaware (link). Juice is especially juicy in portable EV chargers.

236-bay EV charge hub to be opened in North London, by Franklin Energy (link).

ABB will build 120 DC charging stations in Thailand (link). Maybe the people there will adopt EVs easier now - at the end of 2020, there were only under 3k EVs registered in Thailand.

BoostEV tries to solve out fast-charging woes by delivering the mobile DC fast charging to your house, with a click on an app. They've 'graduated' from the prototype phase into production now, here's an interview from the Charged Magazine (link).



Hyundai Motor Group will produce Hyundai and Kia electric cars in the US, beginning 2022. Hyundai's plan is to invest $7.4 billion in the U.S. by 2025 for EV (link).

Tesla has put its Shanghai plant expansion on hold due to the political situation between China and the USA (link).

Tesla Giga Berlin has been given another permit, this time allowing to install machines for the final assembly of electric vehicles, bringing the company even closer to starting production (link). Tesla also completed its first Model Y megacasting at Giga Texas (link)



Canoo is investigated by the SEC (link). Canoo noted in the regulatory filing:

“The SEC has also informed the Company that the investigation does not mean that it has concluded that anyone has violated the law, and does not mean that it has a negative opinion of any person, entity or security. We intend to provide the requested information and cooperate fully with the SEC investigation."

We've covered before that there's been very notable executive departures, quite the pivot in the business model, the loss of a key automotive partnership and at least one lawsuit brought by shareholders.

Tesla has more than 10k cars in Fremont Factory under 'containment hold', said to be caused by a missing part (link). Tesla seems to be very hush about it, hopefully it won't take long until its sorted.


Here's the CEO of VW, saying something of "The hydrogen car is proven NOT the climate change solution. Electrification has established itself in traffic. Sham debates are a waste of time. Please listen to the science!"


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