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Podcast Ep 2: José Pontes, the Electric Vehicle numbers guy.

If you're into electric vehicles, I'm 99% certain you've seen his work.

I sat down with José Pontes, the founder of EV-Sales.blogspot.com, co-founder of EV-Volumes.com, and a writer for CleanTechnica.

Listen to the episode here:

José started gathering the EV sales data already back in 2012 and about 2,000 detailed posts later, he's shutting down the blog. I'm asking him why and we'll chat about everything EVs.

This 45-minute talk is part 1, the next will drop in a week.

What you'll hear us ranting about:

  • The backstory of how José got around to reporting the EV news and how major outlets picked his numbers up.
  • How the EV community around the world came together to help.
  • The catalyst events that have shaped our latest EV era into what it is today, like #dieselgate and subsidies.
  • José is being paid by Chinese automakers for showing good numbers and living is in their mansion (not really, but comments say so).
  • Carbon tax.
  • How and when should you phase out incentives - where to start?

And some more. If you think you can handle my accent, you can access the Pod on a website here (link) or on Spotify is up now too: (link). Or just click on the play button below:

A thank you.

Here's my thanks to José. Both for sitting down for a chat with me and especially for all the work he has done to expand the EV universe since 2012. If I ever create a 'legend' wall of the EV Universe, you'll be up there. Keep at it!

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