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Hyundai Ioniq 5 Videos: a Community Review (Q&A)

This video review of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 is a bit different from the norm. I'm focusing on the questions from the community. The stuff you haven't found elsewhere.
This is the badboy I got to drive

You know how Elon Musk famously said:

Prototypes are easy, production is hard

I think he meant making YouTube videos. These are my first and they came with quite a learning curve. But finally, here is...

* drumroll, please *

The community review of Hyundai Ioniq 5.

What? Community?
The Community stands for me, asking around from EV enthusiasts if there are any questions left unanswered from other reviews. And then trying to answer them on video (and occasionally off-video as pics on DMs).

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Here are the 6 dedicated videos and an intro:

INTRO (2:20)

Not much to say about this one. Combines most of my highlights and tries to be fun. Did I succeed? You'll love what I have in store for you 👇

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I DROVE IT TO 0% and then some. Turtle mode.

This one seems to be the most popular, so I jumped it up here.

Pretty much what the title says, I started the video when I had the first warning of low battery (10%) and went all the way until 0%. And then circled around the block until... (you'll find out). I also tried the oomph when on turtle mode.

MY TAKE: This should be good information for any owner to see how the car behaves in the end. And I was curious too. I was rather pleasantly surprised how well the car behaves in the end & on the average consumption through my 380km trip too.


(Timestamps to questions are on video description)

The questions I covered here range from Where's the USB for CarPlay, where to put the phone? and Driver headroom for short/tall people
all the way to if you can fit multiple child seats into it.

I didn't do much on the beauty shots inside, plenty of that around YT already.

MY TAKE:  Spaaaaaacious. The 3m wheelbase (9.84 feet) gets you very comfortable both in front and the back. The movable center console, much like we showed in Nissan ARIYA, gives a bit extra sometimes.

The backseats can also be moved depending on if you want to increase cargo space or room in the backseats.

Overall, the finish is quite nice on the inside, I did catch a few quirks here and there, like the weird-looking door handles (at 3:50) and the 'glove drawer' (at 2:42).


(Timestamps to questions are on video description)

I tried to cover most use cases on the center screen here, its overall usability, and some specific questions like How to activate the lane assist? Will the Auto-Hold keep its settings after reboot?

MY TAKE: Nice and responsive. Looks rather sleek. Depending on what you need, might be a bit of a hassle to get there easily (like my lane assist saga at 1:24). HUD is working really well which renders some of the screens pointless, but that's just my opinion.

DRIVING and Q&A (11:52)

(Timestamps to questions are on video description)

This one is all about the driving experience. You'll get to drive with me for 12 minutes and hear my rants on stuff that I think works well and what doesn't.
Features questions on efficiency at 80mph, drive modes, the rear camera on highway speeds, and more.

MY TAKE: I love driving this thing. As I mentioned, I don't feel AS connected to the road as I do with some other EVs, but some people rather enjoy the 'cushioned' ride. It's a car for the boss sitting in the spacious backseat so it'll be also most enjoyable there, I think. There is a very slight delay on accelerating, I think about 0.5-1sec, but it's less noticeable than e.g on Enyaq. I don't get why they do that, but oh well.

HOW TO CHARGE and the stats

It's a rather explanatory video, as I got several questions on how does the charging work. Here's a step-by-step. And I threw in some stats about charging in the end as well.

MY TAKE: This is where the Ioniq 5 excels. With a peak charging speed of 232kW, a 800-V system and Vehicle-to-Load capabilities, it is pretty much everything you'd want from an EV charging-wise.

My tests also gave me a 46kW charge (which was the peak of the charger) at as late as 95%, which makes for a niiiice charging curve.

COMPARING Ioniq 5 vs Å koda Enyaq

Since we have 3 Enyaq's on our fleet already, we had to put these two side by side.
A drone shot of the turning circle, a very non-official race and a side-by-side exterior pictures should do it.

MY TAKE: Don't ask which one I'd want for myself. I love both EVs. These are built as EVs from the ground up and it shows. This would super difficult to choose, as there are enjoyable features on both.

Should I do an Enyaq video review next?

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