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#30 | EVENTS: Elon Musk on SNL, Biden to visit Ford prior to Lightning reveal

Entertaining to see the 'memelord' and 'dogefather' in roles.

Here's Elon Musk, hosting the Saturday Night Live on May 8th. Not much about EVs, but entertaining to see the 'memelord' and 'dogefather' in roles. You should be able to see the whole list of Musk's sketches by clicking on the Youtube link above.

The other EV-makers saw this as an opportunity to get eyes on their cars too - buying ad spots between the SNL sketches. VW showed off its ID.4, Ford its Mustang Mach-e, Volvo's XC90 PHEV appeared and also Lucid Air (link)

Meanwhile - $DOGE has been popping and Faheem & I are laughing (through sadness) about selling the $50 of Doge we bought for the winner of SPAC MADNESS, the game we invented in March. The price was $0,05 back then and it reached about 13x before falling to ~8x now. So our prize would've been $650 instead of $50, oh well.

Biden to visit Ford’s Rouge EV Complex in Dearborn on May 18th, a day before the Lightning, Ford's electric F150 truck, will be unveiled. (link) I'm hoping we'll hear more about the $174B proposal of the EV push. Here's the teaser Ford released about its new Lightning (video)

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