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EV Industry² newsletter | Generators to charge in COP26 – Must-attend battery event – School e-bus V2G works

I've gathered over 300 elements and connections that I'll drop on Version 2 of our industry Map in a week. It'll be then updated weekly as a part of the premium version of The EV Universe. I'll also duplicate the info to the free map about twice a year for wider access.

But, more on that next week on the big launch.

– Jaan

🌎 Companies & Global

TDK Ventures


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I'll be watching. No, I wasn't paid to say that. I do know some of the people behind it (looking at you, Qianran) are awesome and work with a sense of mission.

  • Zūm, a start-up providing optimized transportation services for school-age children, raised a $130 million Series D, led by Softbank and including existing investors of Sequoia, BMW i Ventures, and AngelPad.

    With the funds, Zūm plans to add 10k new e-buses, e-vans and cars to the platform, reaching 100% EVs by 2025. Its current fleet is ~1k ICEs  (link).
  • France’s President Emmanuel Macron presented the "France 2030" plan, where €4B of the €30B ($34.8B) investment will be for the transport sector. France aims to produce two million EVs and PHEVs by 2030 domestically. (link)
  • The New York City Council has passed a bill that requires the city’s school bus fleet to be fully electric by the 1st of September 2035. (link) 2035 is also the year all new cars sold need to be electric in NYC.
  • STOCKS: Ebusco, a Dutch e-bus and charging infra maker is planning to IPO on the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange. It aims to raise €300M to finance its international expansion. Ebusco has delivered 346 e-buses in Europe so far. (link)
  • Malta increased the EV incentives to €12,000 ($14k) for 2022 and will install 1,200 charging points within the next three years. (link) If I'm not mistaken, it'll be the most generous EV scheme in Europe.
  • The global climate change event, Cop26, that takes place in Scotland, will use EVs to move the delegates around the city of Glasgow. Ironically, there isn't enough charging infrastructure around, which means they'll have to use generators for the charging needs, powered by hydrogenated vegetable oils. It can get kind of ugly behind the facade, isn't it... (link)
  • Fisker is planning to release two more EVs by 2025, next to the Ocean  SUV and the Pear. They'll be developed in the UK and will have a price point above the Ocean. (link)
  • WM Motor, the Chinese EV startup plans to raise $500M in a two-part Series D funding round. The first round is led by PCCW and Shun Tak. (link) For scale: WM Motors sold 22.5k EVs in 2020.
WM Motors
  • Tata Motors will raise money to form a new EV and charging subsidiary on an equity valuation of $9.1B (did I read that right?) (link).
  • Freyr, the battery company from Norway, formed a JV in the US together with Koch Strategic Platforms to build a 50GWh battery cell factory there based on 24M semi-solid technology. (link) Connections: Koch SP is already an investor in Freyr as it lead the $600M PIPE at its NYSE listing...  and they both have invested into 24M.
  • Italvolt has chosen ABB for the project planning of its 45 GWh battery factory in the Piedmont region of Italy. (link) Connection: the person behind Italvolt, Lars Carlstrom, is also the co-founder of the similarly named Britishvolt but stepped down as the info about this 8-month prison time for tax fraud from 25 years ago surfaced (link). There seems to be no relation to Northvolt, which came before these two companies.
  • Evergrande NEV, the subsidiary of the, well... the Evergrande that's in trouble, is said to be sticking to their plans to bring the Hengchi 5 on sale early 2022. It'll receive help from the local government (link).
  • XPeng celebrated the 100,000th EV rolling off the product line. (link) For scale, NIO reached the milestone in April 2021.

🚗 Models

  • Volvo started the production of the C40 Recharge, its first car that comes as an EV-only version. It'll be produced at Ghent, Belgium. The 78kWh battery (75 kWh usable) should get you to about 440 km (273 mi). (link)
Volvo C40 Recharge
  • Volkswagen says half of the 144k ID.3 orders were from new buyers, that hadn't owned a VW before. The average for other models has been 36%. (link)
  • Looks like Ford held a Mustang Mach-E T event, as we were swarmed by different first drives over the week. Here's Roberto's (Techcrunch), Tom Moloughney's (video), James' (Autoblog), and Scooter's (Electrek). Me: I'm once again thinking I need to move to the US. -.-
  • Here's the Bastro Power Station from South Korea Hyundai Ioniq 5's 800V battery pack opened up:
  • And here's the GMC Hummer EV with Tesla-MY-for-scale, via Tesla Oracle (link):
MY vs Hummer EV

🔋 Battery, Mining and ♻ Recycling

ELMS van
  • ELMS (Electric Last Mile Solutions) collaborates with Ample to swap batteries on its commercial EVs (link). Just yesterday, ELMS also said it signed a battery supply deal with CATL through 2025. (link)
  • Rock Tech Lithium started building a production plant for battery-grade lithium hydroxide in Guben, Brandenburg. Production: ~24,000 tonnes of lithium hydroxide per year, that's about 500k EV-worth. The raw material comes from Ontario, Canada. (link)

    Connection-not-yet-established-but-imminent is the new Tesla's Giga Berlin that is only about 60km from the new plant.
  • Battery developer OneD Battery Sciences is building the first pilot production facility for silicon graphite anodes in Moses Lake, Washington State. (link)
  • BMW i Ventures has invested in the US start-up Lilac Solutions that developed a technology of using an ion exchanger to significantly improve the mining of lithium from the brine of saltwater deposits. This saves resources and is thus more environmentally friendly. (link)
  • Renault signed a nickel supply MoU with Terrafame, a mining company owned by the Finnish state. The scale is for 15GWh of battery capacity worth per year (roughly 300k EVs).

    Any automaker securing their own supply regardless if they make their own batteries or not gets a checkmark for the future in my book. ✔
  • Speaking of nickel, Tesla signed a multi-year supply deal of about 42,000 tonnes of nickel with Prony Resources (in New Caledonia). (link)
  • SK Innovation opened their separator plant in the Silesia region, Poland. It's the first of four planned. The scale: 340M sqm of separator film produced there, which should be enough for 300k EVs. (link)

    Here are the current and planned separator plants:
SKI plants

⚡ Charging

School e-bus V2G
  • An electric school bus (Thomas Built Buses Saf-T-Liner C2 Jouley that runs on Proterra 226kWh battery) used over 50 hours throughout the summer to send nearly 3 MWh of electricity back to the grid using its V2G capabilities. (link)
  • Shell joined ChargeUp Europe, the organization for charging infrastructure providers. Shell plans to increase its charging network from current 80k charging points to 500k in 2025 (link).

    Shell also acquired NewMotion back in 2017 which has 250k chargers across Europe.
  • Blink Mobility is expanding its BlueLA EV-sharing program with 300 street-side charging stations and up to 300 new EVs. (link)
  • Fastned reports a 96% increase in revenue in Q3 YoY, from €1.6M to €3.2M. 5.5GWh of energy was charged to the 88,830 customers. It's also switching to more dynamic pricing. (link)
  • Ionity is now able to offer Plug&Charge in all of its 371 locations throughout Europe. (link)
  • Škoda, the Czech Republic government, and energy company CEZ plan to install 'several thousand' charging stations in the country by 2025 (link).
  • Ireland launched a pilot project with retrofitted lamp post EV chargers, built out by Ubitricity. (link) Connection: Ubitricity is another charging infra company acquired by Shell.,
Lamppost charger Ubitricity
  • EO charging will supply UK's Tesco with more than 200 AC and 5 DC chargers for its electric home delivery fleet. (link) I like the Greener Greens message on the vans:
Tesco Vans

👀 Tweet of the week

A good 10-tweet thread on how China's EVs will crush ICE sooner than we think.

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