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EV Industry² newsletter: Lordstown gets a surprising lifeline – Higher parking fees for EVs – 1M batteries from GF Nevada

🌎 Companies & Global

Lordstown factory
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  • Foxconn is buying Lordstown Motors’ Ohio EV factory for $230 million and agreed to build the electric pickup truck at the plant. Lordstown would remain a tenant there. Another $50M comes in from the sale of equity to Foxconn (link). A lifeline for the automaker, and hopefully, it will be enough. By the way, the factory used to belong to GM.
  • Ricardo won two UK Government innovation competitions to improve efficiency and performance and reduce the cost of future electric trucks. (link) There are half a million trucks on the UK roads alone. Quite the impact.
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  • Québec, Canada joined a coalition of US states to accelerate the growth of zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles in North America. (link)
  • Over 70 companies, including giants like Nestlé, Siemens, IKEA, and Unilever, wrote a letter urging governors throughout the US for faster adoption of clean large commercial vehicles and adopt the ACT rule (link).
  • Tübingen, Germany is raising parking fees for heavy cars such as SUVs. Owners of ICEs weighing more than 1,800 kg will have to pay 180€/year for residents‘ parking instead of 30€. What this means is that the heavier-than-others, EVs, will get slapped with a price increase too, if over 2,000kg. (link)
  • VinFast will enter European markets in 2022 with the electric cars VF e35 and the VF e36 (link).
Vinfast e35
VinFast e35
  • General Motors announced the Ultifi software platform which it'll equip on the Cadillac Lyriq in 2023. Featuring OTA updates, cloud services, 3rd party integration, cybersecurity, and more. Plan: make it similar to a smartphone. (link)
Ultifi software
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  • Renault starts retooling the Douai plant for Mégane E-Tech Electric production, due in the first half of 2022. (link)
  • Hofer will supply Mullen Technologies with electric drive systems. (link) Mullen also announced the FIVE EV crossover, ONE EV fleet van, and DragonFLY EV sportscar. The world debut of the FIVE will be on the LA Auto Show on Nov 17th this year. (link) Here's one of their great visuals:
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  • BYD and the world’s biggest independent oil trader Vitol formed a partnership to provide fleet-mobility-as-a-service globally. (link) Net win for EV fleets!
  • Mumbai’s transport authority BEST has invited tenders for 1,900 fully electric buses for Mumbai by mid-2023. BEST currently has a fleet of 386  e-buses. (link)
  • London’s largest taxi and hire car company Addison Lee announced that it will only use purely electric cars from 2023. It already has 650 electric cars in service. From November, 200 VW ID.4s are to be added every month. (link)
One of Addison Lee's ID.4s
  • Volvo Buses introduced BZL Electric, a new chassis for e-buses designed for both single and double-decker buses with several options for bodybuilders. The powertrain is developed entirely by Volvo. (link)
BZL Electric
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🚗 Models

  • e-NV200's successor: Nissan Townstar: The electric version is based on the CMF-C platform developed together with Renault and runs a 44kWh battery, estimating a 285km range. (link and video) Interestingly, much like the new Ariya, the Townstar will equip CCS charging rather than CHAdeMO.
Nissan Townstar
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  • „The response to Ami has been overwhelming, and the momentum has just built up to a point we can’t say no.“ Citroën UK says the Ami will go on sale in the UK next year, with 12k people having declared an interest in buying one so far. I drove the Ami last week... I saw an old lady laughing when I was circling a very narrow spot at 30 kmh on a parking lot. No further comments.
Citroen Ami
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  • Porsche may release electric 718 in 2024 (link). There will be a lot more overlap with the 911, but since the cars will have fundamentally different propulsion technologies, Porsche is not concerned about cannibalization.
  • Audi’s Q4 e-tron models are ready for configuration in the US, starting at $43,9k (link)
Audi Q4 e-tron
Audi Q4 e-tron
  • Related: Audi is recalling 2,303 units of e-tron worldwide due to problems with the brake booster. (link).
  • BYD is now bringing its electric trucks to Greece through a dealer agreement with Petros Petropoulos. (link)
  • UrbanRebel Concept, the pretty badass-looking EV from Cupra we've covered before, will be in production in 2025 and will cost around €25k.
Urban Rebel Concept
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  • Geely's subsidiary Geometry presented the EX3. The 5-seater EV estimated pre-sale price in China is ~59,700 yuan, which is just over $9k. (link) The prices are quite mind-boggling to me. In a good way. We know Geely has quite direct access to European markets too, so this might be an interesting development. Here's the EX3:
Geometry EX3

🔋 Battery, Mining and ♻ Recycling

VW  plant
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  • Volkswagen is starting to build a production plant for battery systems in Hefei, China. The 150k to 180k batteries go for the MEB platform EVs made in VW's Anhui plant from the second half of 2023. (link)
  • Foxconn signed an MoU with the companies Giga Solar Materials, Long Time Technology, and China Steel Chemical to develop anode materials for lithium iron phosphate batteries. The new batteries will be used for the first time in electric buses from 2023. (link)
  • The German-Australian lithium producer Vulcan Energy announced it has produced lithium hydroxide monohydrate using geothermal energy for the first time. (pdf)
  • Mercedes-Benz acquires a 33% stake in the Automotive Cells Company, joining TotalEnergies and Stellantis that are all equal shareholders. The ACC project wants to reach a capacity of at least 120 GWh in Europe by 2030. (link)
  • Lyten presented a Lithium-Sulphur battery that should be EV-ready by 2025. (link) I do wish success to Lyten. They now have to do what Oxis Energy couldn't.
Lyten Li-S
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  • LG Energy Solution and the University of California San Diego announce a new solid-state battery approach: a battery that has both a solid-state electrolyte and an all-silicon anode, making it an all-silicon solid-state battery. (link)
  • AVL List opened a new Battery Innovation Center (BIC) in Graz, Austria. In addition to the functional development of new high-voltage batteries for EVs, the focus is on establishing, implementing and validating new efficient production processes. (link)
  • Blackstone Technology, the German subsidiary of the Swiss commodities company Blackstone Resources, will open a battery lab in Döbeln, Germany. (link) Why I'm keeping an eye on Blackstone Technology is that they announced they'll be starting to produce LFP cells this year - something that's yet to be achieved at scale in Europe.
  • Asahi Kasei, the Japanese chemical company, launches a joint venture with the Chinese company Semcorp to produce dry process separators. Production is scheduled to start in 2022. (link)

⚡ Charging

VW / e.ON charger
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  • E.ON and Volkswagen opened ordering for their jointly developed E.ON Drive Booster that can charge two electric cars simultaneously at 150 kW. The charger is battery-supported so it doesn't require any civil engineering or grid connection adaptation. (link)
  • ACCURE raised $8M in Series A to scale its battery analytics software (link)
  • The Spanish energy supplier Iberdrola plans 400 charging points at branches of the DIY chain Leroy Merlin in Spain and more than 50 charging points in cooperation with First Stop in Spain and Portugal. (link) Iberdrola wastes no time becoming the EV super-infras by installing 150k charging points within five years.
  • Driivz and Hubject join forces to drive the roll-out of Plug&Charge. (link) Hubject also collaborates with &Charge, a company that spun out of Porsche Digital, for data quality around charging stations (link)
  • Evre, an Indian EV charging infrastructure company and parking solutions brand Park+  announced their partnership to install 10,000 charging stations within two years. (link)
  • UK’s Gridserve now shows available chargers on Zap-Map (link).
  • Hubject to collaborate with &Charge on better charging: Hubject has launched a collaboration with &Charge, a company spun out by Porsche Digital, to develop joint solutions to improve the charging experience. Initially, the focus will be on data quality around charging stations. (link)
  • Milton Keynes Council, UK, has secured a £1.1m grant to install 250 EV charging points on residential roads in older areas of Milton Keynes where there are fewer off-street parking options but where electric vehicle ownership is on the rise. (link)
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  • SP Networks launched a UK map for charge point planning, called Charge Project’s ConnectMore Interactive Map (CIM). The map is a free online tool that allows local councils, site owners, property developers, and chargepoint operators to identify optimum locations for charge points. (link)
  • Total will install 11,000 60-120kW charging points by 2025 in Hubei province, China, through a 50:50 joint venture with the state-owned utility China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG). (link)

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Ford CEO, Jim Farley, said the Mach-E is ok for a 3rd car in his garage (link):

“I think, for me as a car guy, I’m excited about driving my Mach-E. I’m not giving up my ’73 Bronco or my Mustang 5.0-liter coupe, but, you know, if I have a third vehicle in the household, it’s probably going to be a Mach-E.”

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