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EV Industry² newsletter: Downtown charging-garages – Tesla's laser-wipers – VW Aero B spotted

🌎 Companies & Global

VW ID.3 pure
  • Tesla's patent on lasers-as-windshield-wipers was approved by the US Patent Office. (link) Description: “Pulsed laser cleaning of debris accumulated on glass articles in vehicles and photovoltaic assemblies”.
  • Tesla's Autopilot-crashing-to-emergency-vehicles probe from NHTSA just got bigger, as it's now requesting advanced driver assist (Level 2) data from 12 automakers for comparison. (link) Here's the NHTSA's letter to Ford (link).
  • LMC Automotive analysts believe VW will overtake Tesla's global market share by 2025. (link) Well, that's an ambitious forecast. What do you think?
  • Nikola has unveiled its manufacturing facility in Ulm, Germany, where the Nikola Tre battery-electric truck is set to begin production by year’s end. It's a joint venture with Iveco (which in truth adds a bit of credibility in my eyes). (link) Do you think - can Nikola turn the company around after the major fraud scandals?
Nikola Tre BEV
  • Workhorse Group withdrew its filing against USPS, which awarded the over-$6B-contract of mail delivery vehicles to Oshkosh (link)
  • Rio Tinto and Caterpillar team up to produce a 220-tonne electric (autonomous) haul truck (link).
  • Volta Trucks raised a €37M ($43.4M) Series B funding round led by Luxor Capital Group and Byggmästare Anders J Ahlström Holding of Stockholm to start with a fleet of pilot vehicles in London and Paris. Total funding so far - €60M ($71M). Proterra was also one of the investors. (link) Connection - Proterra is the battery supplier for Volta Zero.
Volta Zero

🚗 Models

  • XPeng launched the P5 in China with a sticker price of ~$24.5k. Deliveries in October and it should be coming to Europe soon (I wrote yesterday that the P7 debuted in Germany). We recently talked about the Chinese EVs coming to Europe and changing the game with Jose Pontes on our podcast (here). Keep an eye on this trend, exciting times ahead!
Xpeng P5
  • This Japanese Tesla owner thinks that Tesla isn't as widely spread in the country as it could because it's just too wide (link to Reddit thread).
  • Nissan released the ARIYA prices in Norway, starting at $47,280 (€40k). Here's our newsletter #19 with pictures from February when I got to see one of the 3 ARIYAs in the world. Coincidentally, in the same newsletter from February, I mention the Hyundai Kona 82k recalls for battery fires, which has a sub-headline of "GM claims it still has a chance". You'll learn what's up in the battery section.
  • Baojun, the Saic-GM-Wuling joint venture, launched the KiWi electric vehicle. Starts at $10.8k. (link) Would I even have put this here if there wasn't an overwhelming success of Wuling Hongguang Mini ahead of it? Probably not.
Baojun KiWi
  • Subaru releases new pictures and info of the Solterra. Looks very similar to the Toyota BZ4X, don't you think? Connection - they also share the same e-TNGA platform.
  • BYD introduces the Gen3 8TT and 6F heavy-duty electric trucks, capable of a 200 mile range and 185kW charging (link).
BYD heavy-duty etrucks

🔋 Battery, Mining and ♻ Recycling

  • More on Chevy Bolt battery fires & recalls. GM, LGES, and LG Electronics are actively cooperating to come up with a final recall plan (link). Related: GM extends the pause of Bolt EV and EUV production in the Orion Assembly Facility in Lake Orion, MI, until mid-October (link)
  • ♻ Li-Cycle will build a battery recycling facility in Alabama capable of recycling 5,000 tons of batteries and battery manufacturing scrap. The total potential capacity of Li-Cycle's four plants expected is 30,000 tons of ♻ per year (link).
  • Two Lithium demand estimates:

Albemarle, one of the world's biggest lithium, bromine, and catalyst solutions providers, expects lithium industry demand to approach 30% of compound annual growth rate (CAGR), reaching 1.1 4Million MT of lithium carbonate equivalent by 2025. From Albemarle 2021 Investor Day presentation: (link)

Frost & Sullivan's study projects the global Li-ion battery materials market will reach $51.6B by 2027 (was $18.75B in 2020), at a 15.6% CAGR. (link)

  • American Battery Technology Company (ABTC) new CEO Ryan Melsert talks about the first week in his new role:
  • Hyundai Motor Group and LG Energy Solution laid the foundation stone for their battery cell factory in Karawang, Indonesia. Annual capacity of 10 GWh, starting production in 2024. (link)
  • Will adding a spoonful of sugar (glucose-based additive on the positive electrode) boost the lithium-sulfur battery performance to be competitive with Li-ion batteries? (link)
  • Heritage Battery Recycling and 6K (plasma tech company) announced a joint development to produce new cathode material from recycled batteries (link)
  • Elon Musk says Tesla strongly recommends against the use of large pouch cells due to the dangerously high probability of thermal runaway. (link)
  • CATL and BASF announced a strategic partnership on battery materials solutions, including cathode active materials and battery recycling. (link)
  • Echion Technologies, the battery materials developer, raises £10 million ($13.7M) in a Series A funding round, led by CBMM and BGF. (link)

⚡ Charging

  • Gravity announces an indoor charging hub in Manhattan NYC, with plans to scale the parking-garages-turned-to-charging-hubs up to 10 sites across Manhattan over the next 6 months. (link) Great idea. I do doubt they'll look as fancy as the rendering above though.
  • We've covered the plans before, now it's official: Bridgestone will deploy up to 3.5k AC and DC charging ports across its European retail and service network. Chargers and software from EVBox, network installing and maintaining from TSG (link).
  • Operating in Texas? Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is expected to open a grant program on Sep 22nd that funds up to 70% of Level 3 charging   stations (level2 incentive is done already). This is a part of the VW Environmental Mitigation Plan, you know, for #dieselgate (link). Found it via Anup's post (link).
  • Lightning eMotors will sell ABB's 20-350kW DC chargers under its Lightning Energy brand that focuses on fleet charging. (link)
  • Australia: Ausgrid and Jolt opened the first of the 500 sites in Mona Vale, a suburb of Sydney, that convert an existing 'green power box' to an EV charger. There are more than 13k boxes like these in Sydney. The first 7kWh will be free of charge. (link)
Jolt's charger

👀 Watch this:

Tesla's largest delivery center in Asia, with nice footage of both construction and the opening event:

Instant karma: a guy wrecks his Camaro after a feud with a Tesla driver (turn your volume down):

🕵️ The rumors and spies

The Genesis GV60 spotted charging in Australia (link):


Volkswagen Aero B (the electric version of something Passat-like) spy shots (link):

Aero B ev spyshot

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