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🌎 EV Industry²: Stellantis EV Day – Bolt still in 🔥trouble – 8.5 kWh for 100km on LY1

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Hey, EV nerd.

I hope it's okay to call you that - I'm definitely one myself and I'm feeling more and more so every day I research this stuff.

Here's the EV industry roundup for the week, let's go.

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💫 The Stellantis EV Day 2021

As promised, I'll dive a bit deeper into what was unveiled on Stellantis' 2.5 hour EV Day presentation. Here's the press page and video:

The main takeaways (I'll skip the just-talk-no-real-info parts) from the new cross-brand electrification plans:

  • Stellantis plans to invest over €30B ($35.4B) in electrification and software. It boasts an "investment efficiency 30 percent better than industry average".
  • Stellantis expects to achieve total cost of ownership parity between BEVs and ICEs by 2026. That's nice.
  • Target: over 70% of sales in Europe and over 40% in the US to be low emission vehicles (LEV) by 2030. So... the plan is just to leave the other 60% to other carmakers? Doubt that.
  • Target ranges of 500-800 km (300-500 mi) and  fast charging capability of 32 km (20 mi) per minute. We'll see if they really won't make a BEV with range under 300mi.
  • Four BEV-by-design platforms, scalable family of three electric drive modules, and standardized battery packs to cover all brands and segments. Here are the 4 platforms:
  • And the three electric drive modules:
  • Global EV battery sourcing strategy of 130+ GWh by 2024 and 260+ GWh by 2030, supported by five “gigafactories” between Europe and North America
  • Dual battery chemistries: a high energy-density option and a nickel cobalt-free alternative by 2024.
    From 2026, all the battery types to be built using one unique Cell-to-Pack design:
  • On a related note, SVOLT will supply lithium-ion batteries for Stellantis' cars from 2025 (link).
  • Solid-state battery technology introduction in 2026
  • Stellantis plans to engage in the supply of battery materials and cover the whole life cycle:

Additionally, Stellantis announced new mottos for each brand considering the electrification approach. This is too good, I just have to share this with you.

Sorry, but this looks like its from a group-assignment in school.

In addition to the cross-brand announcements, here's a few announcements from in between:


Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis says that Dodge will not sell electric cars, they will sell American Muscle, with text saying eMuscle. Here's the Dodge presentation:

Kuniskis delivers a punchline "If a charger can make a Charger Quicker, we’re in!" and announces the world’s first full battery electric muscle car will be launched in 2024. I guess Mach-E doesn't count for some reason?


A Ram 1500 BEV will be the first fully electric offering from Ram, to be produced in 2024. A fully electrified solution in the majority of its segments will be introduced by 2025. The RAM video is seen here:


Jeep unveiled a plug-in hybrid, the new 2022 Grand Cherokee 4xe on which we won't stop further (because, you know, hybrids).

It also teased all-electric models in all segments by 2025, with an ad celebrating 80 years of existence. Features EVs from 2025 and some new autonomous tech from 2030:

Well, that's about it from the Stellantis EV Day of 2021.

My very own thoughts? A major force of the auto industry that is fallen behind A LOT in electrification. There were some more exact promises and a lot of vague ones, so I'll be expecting a lot more exact plans within the next few years. It's a catch-up game, not a leading game, for Stellantis in my eyes.

🌎 Companies & Global

  • Adam Jonas, one of the most popular analysts covering Tesla at Morgan Stanley, says Tesla will likely offer electric aircraft services in the future (link).
  • Nikola adds 51 dealership locations in 9 US states (link).
  • Stellantis is investing $139M in Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port plant in the UK, making it the first Stellantis all-EV manufacturing plant (link). Connections: Opel/Vauxhall Combo-e & Combo-e Life, Peugeot e-Partner & e-Rifter, and Citroën e-Berlingo will roll out from there. I will put the info down on the Map.
  • RUMOR: Volkswagen is looking for a co-investor for its Electrify America, working with Citi to find a $1B investment. Via Reuters (link).
  • Audi's CEO Markus Duesmann believes Audi will start making money from EVs in just two to three years (link in GER).
  • SEA Electric, the Australian-American electric truck maker and electrifier, is considering going public (link).
  • Volvo, in a move to focus fully on developing its electric car, agreed to create a joint venture with its parent Geely, called Aurobay, for its powertrain operations (link). Volvo also announced acquiring additional shares in Polestar, increasing its share to 49.5% (link).
  • Meanwhile, Volvo's parent company Geely exits (kind of) as the majority shareholder of its premium EV brand Zeekr, potentially paving the way for the brand to be independently financed. (link) Why kind of? Geely pulls out from direct ownership, but the Zeekr's now-fully-owner called Maple is 91%-owned by a company Value Century, which in turn is fully owned - you guessed it - Geely.  
  • NIO hints at expanding to Germany next, with a job posting of "General Manager of NIO Germany" (link).
  • Volkswagen Group is inviting its employees globally to participate in "goTOzero weeks", a new series of environmental events held from now through November in the company’s brands, regions, and departments. (link)
  • Daikin Industries, the Japanese air-conditioner maker, claims to have developed a refrigerant for EVs that can extend their range by up to 50% in certain conditions, with the product scheduled to go on sale by 2025. (link) 50% extra range for a few hundred $? Take my money!
  • TSMC, the chip maker, sees chip shortage for auto customers easing from Q3 (link). h/t to Andre for finding this.
  • Electric Last Mile Solutions announced a long-term supply agreement with Wuling Motors (link).

🚗 Models

  • Lightyear One drove for 441 miles (710 km) at 53 mph (85.3 km/h) with just a 60 kWh battery and 3.45 kWh generated by its massive solar roof. The car is moving closer to production, which should start next year. That's an average of 8.5 kWh/100 km which seems crazy... for comparison, my LEAF uses around 18-20 kWh per 100km:
  • Electric Brands announced a modular E platform on a YouTube world premiere. Here's the eBussy working prototype, available to configure and starting from €15,600 ($18.4k):

Reminds the Canoo's design approach, anyone?

  • A walkaround of the Polestar Precept concept (video).
  • Darren Palmer from Ford's EV division explains how the F-150 Lightning achieved a price similar to the gas versions. TL;DR scale and a lot of the same parts (link).
  • GAC started the production of the Aion LX in China, a car that boasts a range of 1,000km (620mi) (link). Although I expect this to be evaluated by the NEDC cycle, which means way less in real life.
  • GM’s initial production run of the BrightDrop EV600 van will be built by German parts supplier Kuka AG in Michigan, so they could get the FedEx deliveries going faster. (link)
  • SPY Shots: Canoo's new sports vehicle spotted in California (photos).
  • Tesla Model Y is coming to Europe this quarter, from the China factory (link).
  • Tesla & Samsung Electro-Mechanics reportedly signed a $436M deal for Cybertruck cameras (link).
  • Pininfarina will design Hercules' Alpha EV Pickup and its future vehicles (link).
  • MINI unveiled a physical model of its MINI Vision Urbanaut concept (link)

🔋 Battery, Mining, and ♻ Recycling

  • Jaguar Land Rover is rumored to be the next customer for the battery  maker AESC (link in Ger)
  • ORA, the subsidiary of Great Wall Motors, debuted its Cherry Cat with an NMx (LNMO) and LFP cobalt-free battery (link).
  • Skeleton Technologies (yay Estonia) raised €70M ($82.3M) in Series D financing. The company is in the market of supercapacitors based on their proprietary curved graphene material. The next step in the strategy sees"high-energy, long-duration battery technology for a more competitive long-range EV battery." (link) (tip: there's a public company that owns 7.22% of the Skeleton Technologies, lmk if you want details)
  • India has very limited access to Lithium but does abundantly to Aluminium, so the Indian Oil Corp has teamed up with startup Phinergy Ltd. to develop an aluminum-air battery. Although it has many advantages, the biggest downside is the batteries aren't rechargeable - meaning if you're empty, you'll need a battery swap. (link)
  • Hyundai is reportedly investing $100M into SolidEnergy Systems, the battery maker manufacturing lithium metal battery materials cells. (link) Connection: General Motors recently invested $139M into the battery maker. We talked more about the solid-state batteries and the players here.
  • TES secured a 10k sqm (110k sq. feet) recycling facility in the Port Of Rotterdam, Europe's largest seaport, for recycling EV lithium batteries. (link) Connection: TES already has two similar facilities, in France and Singapore.
  • Verkor announced a new $118 million financing round to develop high-performance battery cells in France (link). Connection - Verkor has a partnership with Renault Group for battery supply, Renault has also invested in Verkor and will co-develop the batteries.

What The Frunk?

  • Volkswagen launched Over-The-Air (OTA) updates for its ID vehicles while noting:
"This makes Volkswagen the first and only high-volume manufacturer to make this innovative technology available to its customers on a broad basis."  (link).
  • I guess VW wanted to find SOMETHING that Tesla wouldn't be ahead of VW at already... And which it still falls behind in, regarding EVs. Why try to make it fancy?

⚡ Charging

  • General Motors will expand its newly formed Ultium Charge 360 program to include commercial fleets. This includes fleet & facility management tools, integrations, and support. (link)
  • Siemens +45 eBus stations in Zurich, Switzerland by early 2022; ABB +2,000 AC chargers for Austria's postal service; SCE +38,000 chargers in California by 2026
  • French charging startup Electra has raised €15 million, aims to roll out 1,000 ultra-fast DC charging stations by 2030 (link in French)
  • A fleet-charging startup in Australia called Evos raised $1.7M in seed funding in a bid to take advantage of a boost from government fleet targets. (link)
  • The UK introduced new accessibility standards, sorting the charging points into three categories of fully, partially and not accessible. (link)
  • SparkCharge, the mobile Charging-as-a-Service system we talked about a month ago, partnered with Urgently Smart Mobility Assistance (roadside assistance) for increased availability (link).
  • EVgo will be Samsara’s first electric vehicle partner in its Experts Marketplace, a network of certified implementation experts. (link)

📚 What I'm Reading:

  • "How Electrifying Ridehailing Can Spur Investment in a More Equitable EV Charging Network", a report by RMI (link).
  • Nigel from Australia has done 400k km (248k mi) with his 2018 Tesla Model S on one set of brake pads (link).

🚫 Setbacks

  • Another Chevy Bolt fire that occurred on July 1st in Vermont is pictured above. This one had the final software update done by Chevy that claims to prevent the fires.

    If you remember, we had doubts about GM's "software fix" in the first place, when we covered the stories of self-combustion on both Hyundai and GM on (for example on issue #21, #19, and already in our very first #1) General Motors now reacted and issued a warning (link):

Out of an abundance of caution, we are asking owners of 2017-2019 Chevrolet Bolt EVs who were part of the recall population to park their vehicles outdoors immediately after charging and not leave their vehicles charging overnight while we investigate these incidents.

  • Ford Mustang Mach-E has had at least six cases of overheating due to regenerative breaking in Norway's demanding Eagle Road. (link)

👀 What I'm watching:

  • Tesla Vision seeing ghosts in a cemetery? (link)
  • Watch Rivian's delivery van dive into coating pool (video)
  • Rimac Nevera, Shmee150, and the Goodwood Festival of Speed:

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