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🌎 EV Industry: Rimac might buy Bugatti – Tesla Q2 Results – GM after geothermal Li

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🌎 Companies & Global

  • Tesla delivered 201,250 vehicles in Q2 2021, despite the chip shortage and MS&MX being offline for some time (link):

πŸ₯³ Also: Tesla is officially 18 years old now.

  • To compare, NIO delivered 21,896 EVs in Q2 (+111.9%) (link) and XPeng 17,398 EVs (+439%) (link).
  • XPeng also launched the Hong Kong Public Offering, which will trade under the stock code "9868" (link).
  • Connecticut announces new incentives, up to a $4,450 rebate for a new electric car ($1,5k previously) and $3k for a used EV. (link). What I don't get is why they support a Fuel Cell EV up to a whopping $9,5k.
  • Interview: Lucid CEO aims to make the EV technology a two-horse race (link)
  • Renault's new strategy package called Renault Eways Electropop (link):

Tightening its plans to have 90% EVs (not hybrids) sold in Europe by 2030.

Plans are for a solid-state battery costing only $80/kWh by 2030.

Renault 5 will feature NMC, not LFP cells.

A joint project with the French start-up Verkor to codevelop a high-performance, locally sourced, and sustainable battery by 2022.

  • Audi will sell its EVs via the agency model like VW from 2023 (link), meaning the dealers will only act as intermediaries for customers.
  • Rimac wants to reportedly acquire a majority stake in Bugatti (VW subsidiary). (link) Connection: Porche owns 24% of Rimac and if sold, Bugatti is expected to be 55% owned by Rimac and 45% by Porsche. Rimac is also expected to go public next year.
  • Porsche calls suppliers to reduce COβ‚‚ emissions in the supply chain and use exclusively renewable energy manufacturing Porsches components from now on. Porche promises to ditch those who don't. (link)
  • Volvo Cars will convert its Ridgeville, South Carolina, US plant into an all-electric car production facility. (link)
  • One of Tesla's top attorneys, Lynn Miller, left for an autonomous trucking startup called PlusAI. Lynn had been in Tesla for over 7 years. (link)
  • Geely's SEA platform will have five versions for relevant vehicle classes and always have two battery options. (link) Connection: we currently know that Zeekr, Volvo, Smart, and Baidu will use the platform to some extent.

πŸš— Models

  • The ACM City One is a new German modular EV that can fit four passengers during rush hour and then distribute goods in the city as a van. The cargo area fits a Euro Pallet or 1,450l (51 cubic feet):
  • Karma Automotive debuts its first Club Car Current vehicles that are being produced under a contract manufacturing agreement with AYRO (link)
  • Rivian showed off it's "Camp Kitchen" (tweet)
  • Mercedes-Benz premiered the eActros series-production model with ~400km range on a 420 kWh battery (link):
  • The E-Legend EL1 is a retro-inspired electric sports car with design inspiration from the iconic Audi Quattro S1. The founder, Marcus Holzinger's father was part of the original Quattro S1 design team. Only 30 will be made with a price tag of about €1.06M ($1.18M) (link). Time to start saving up I guess:
  • Sono Motors Sion gets a new 54kWh LFP battery for a 305km range (link)

πŸ”‹ Battery, Mining, and β™» Recycling

  • GM to get a "significant amount" of its lithium needs from geothermal deposits in the US of California’s Salton Sea Geothermal Field. (link)
  • CATL has signed a new supply contract for battery cells with Tesla until Dec 2025 (link). Connection - the rumor of a new 80 GWh CATL plant near the Tesla Shanghai plant. Most likely these will be the LFP cells.
  • Faraday Institution claims they've improved battery resource recovery significantly with an ultrasonic delamination technique, separating the valuable material from the electrodes 100 times quicker than currently (link)
  • The Finnish state mining company Terrafame has started the production ramp-up of its battery materials factory in Sotkamo, Finland. The factory is expected to be able to produce nickel sulphate for one million electric car batteries and enough cobalt sulphate for 300,000 batteries annually. (link)
  • Australian mining company Infinity Lithium Β to supply the LG Energie Solution with battery-grade lithium hydroxide from its Spanish project in San Jose for at least five years (pdf).
  • Novonix purchased and will retrofit an existing facility from General Electric in Chattanooga, Tennessee for anode material production (link)

🚚 Fleets

* a new section so we could wrap our heads around where big EV fleets are moving and who is adapting 'em.

  • New York City Department of Sanitation plans to purchase seven Mack LR Electric refuse models (garbage trucks) (link). Boy, I wish these were electric all around, not wrooming by my house at 5 am. Time for a deep dive into the refuse truck world?
  • US Hybrid, the acquisition of which was just completed by Ideanomics, received orders from Global Environment Products for a fleet of all-electric street sweepers for US and globally. (link)
  • Our Finnish friends took delivery of the first 43 of 119 BYD electric buses (link). Makes me want to come and visit.
  • The Spanish city of Zaragoza ordered 68 electric buses from Irizar, including 51 solo and 17 articulated buses (bendy buses), to put into operation from late 2022 (link). Connection: Irizar makes ~2,000 electric buses a year in Aduna, Spain.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» EV Tech

  • How do car heat pumps work? (link)
  • Hitachi and ABB to develop an engineless, full battery rigid frame dump truck with a customized onboard energy storage system (link). I love this kind of use cases where the battery resources (and regeneration due to heavy truck braking downhill) are used logically:
  • Renault Group and Arrival will use semiconductors from STMicroelectronics for the EVs (link + link).

⚑ Charging

  • Shell and Renault are expected to put down final bids within July to buy into Ionity for about 20-25% stake. (link) Connections: currently, the five shareholders, each holding 20%, are: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Ford, Volkswagen Group, and Hyundai-Kia.
  • Gridserve Electric Highway (UK), the name that combination comes after the acquisition of the latter, will feature 50 high-power charger hubs with up to 350 kW capacity each. (link)
  • The UK government and charity sector will be coming together to set accessibility standards for charging points in the UK (link).
  • EV Connect launched a Charging Network Operations Center (C-NOC) that uses machine learning to operate anything connected to the charging station remotely (link)
  • Porsche +100 fast-chargers in Europe by 2025; Fastned +5x16 chargers in West Flanders, Belgium; Chargefox +3,600 plugs in Australia by 2025; Core Development Group to design and develop +15,000 chargers for stations across the US.
  • Greenlots (Shell), ChargePoint, EV Connect, and FLO expand roaming cooperation, so now the drivers can access 54k charging points in the US & Canada using any of the networks' "proprietary" mobile apps (link).
  • Tesla to Install 12 Supercharger Stalls at its HQ for R&D & Test Vehicle Charging (link)
  • bp invests $7M in smart charging specialist IoTecha, leading a $13.2-million investment round (link)
  • Zork Capital invests Β£6.4M ($8.8M) into Char.gy in the UK (link).

🚫 Setbacks

  • The Model S Plaid that caught fire in PA, US, the EMT claims the car was driving uphill while on fire, with no one in the car. Different claims are brought out (here).
  • Porsche recalls 43,000 Taycans to fix a software issue causing power loss (link). Takes an hour. Taycan is capable of Over-The-Air updates, too bad this one can't be done with it.
  • A Tesla owner was charged for Supercharger idle fees for not moving the car from the charger, and he took it to court because he was "promised free Supercharging for life" (link). Β πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

πŸ‘€ What I'm watching:

  • The Tesla Model S Plaid, race-modified by Unplugged Performance and driven by racing driver Randy Pobst, has won the Exhibition class of the 2021 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb race on June 27, 2021:
  • Ε koda says the new Enyaq PURR's electric and GRRR's attitude in this sweet ad:

By the way, I've driven the Enyaq myself (there are 3 now already in our fleet) and it is a magnificent car. Also, I haven't seen that much buzz around my buddies for a car since Tesla. Well done, Ε koda.

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