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Biden (wants to look like he) pushes e-America

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Biden (wants to look like he) pushes e-America

*This article, contains a lot of what is my personal opinion, which is fine to disagree with. I'd love it if you did, even - let me know where I'm wrong.

Big announcement

President Biden wants 50% of all new cars sold in the United States in 2030 to be all-electric, plug-in hybrid, or hydrogen-powered. He will lay out the goal in an executive order. Which will by the way be nonbinding and entirely voluntary.

*Music stops*

Time to bring in the chart I made on March 24, when I wrote the article called "Come on, US, set a date already..."

Graph on the 100% EV dates
caption for image

This chart details the countries and automakers that have promised to go all-electric (not hybrids) by the dates shown. Now if you look at the commitments from all around the world...

How does the new agenda of the US look?

To me, the announcement looks similar to the compliance EVs some automakers have been making. We all know they aren't really what buyers want, and they're more like home assignments for the carmakers.

Promising 50% electrification by 2030 is a poor attempt at trying to look progressive, but staying safe and making a minimum effort. I expect this goal to be happening whether Biden announced anything or not. On my radar, this announcement is categorized as "weak".

That doesn't mean nothing good will come of it. The $ that comes along with this will make some impact. The now-confirmed $7.5B charging infrastructure bill (which we covered last time here) and a point-of-sale incentive will help the EV adoption. I hope they won't add hybrids to the scheme after this, though.

Lowballing this means that either the Biden administration isn't serious about achieving the climate goals or it's just afraid to make big enough of a change. He's playing it safe. Or just doesn't understand that we're moving way faster than "50% electrified (again, not zero-emission) by 2030".

You're not invited

Executives from the Big Three OEMs - Ford, GM, and Stellantis - as well as representatives from the United Automobile Workers union, were expected to attend an event on the new target at the White House.

Funnily enough - the one major forces leading the electrification of the US, like Tesla, weren't invited at all. Even Musk wondered about that on Twitter.

The Big Three announced a joint goal of achieving 40-50% of their sales electric by 2030. So juuuust about to fit the same agenda.

I'd get it if Biden or the White House would say out loud that the EV-makers aren't talked about or invited because they already lead in this world and it's the ICE makers that need to be converted. But they haven't. And Biden not mentioning Tesla (like, at all, anywhere) has made me wonder what's up for quite some time...

When will we see this, but with Biden?

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