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#32 | MODELS | Lucid User Experience; CUPRA Born reveal; Cybertruck 1M reservations

Lucid launched its "User Experience" in video and it looks awesome.

‣ Lucid launched its "User Experience" in video and press release (link), and it looks awesome.

‣ CUPRA Born was revealed on Tuesday - looking like a sportier version of the ID.3, the car is built on the MEB platform and has a 77kWh battery pack with up to 170kW power output. It's also completely CO2 neutral throughout the supply chain. Here's the reveal (video) and press release (link). I like the 'boost' button - makes you feel like sitting in the Knight Rider's KITT.

‣ MAN Lion's City E electric bus carried out a real-world trial, stopping at every bus stop and carrying a regular load, reaching a range of 550.8 kilometers (341mi) (link). I like that they let TÜV SÜD monitor it - these guys sealed the charging socket on the bus before starting and removed it in the end, to assure no wrongdoings.

‣ Opel (Vauxhall) launched the new Movano-e, the light commercial vehicle with 'class-leading figures' for payload, cargo capacity. The options are 37 kWh and 70 kWh batteries with a WLTP range of 117 (72mi) or 224 kilometers respectively (link). Sorry - did I read that right? WLTP of 117 kilometers sounds a bit... wow. But I guess I shouldn't second-guess a leading automaker, there must be a market for this, right?

‣ The Tesla Cybertruck is thought to have passed the 1-million mark of reservations, per this Google Sheet tracker (link).

‣ Meanwhile, Ford revealed 44,5k reservations in less than 48 hours for the F-150 Lightning (tweet). Even Musk stopped by to tweet 'Congrats!'

‣ Tim from the Rivian Owners forum found the VIN deciphering document from the NHTSA database, which hints at a possible more affordable, dual-motor R1T soon (link).

‣ Nissan ARIYA's debut drive on the streets of Monaco (video)

‣ Electrek got to drive all of Daimler's electric trucks - and they want to see them everywhere (link).

‣ Fisker to build the next Popemobile (pdf).

‣ Faraday Future launched its FF Futurist Experience, showing the FF 91 EV up-close in New York City (link).

FUN - It's a blast from the past, but I discovered the Fiat 500cc is meant to play a nice melody instead of a 'wheeeee' sound when traveling under 12mph. I timestamped the part in this (video), but the whole 'press conference' is worth a watch really.

EV AD - Jimmy Fallon on the Ford F-150 Lightning, talking about its features and mainly - about its frunk:

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