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#32 | CHARGING | Fastned and Tesla Superhub; California rural incentives; Electrify America's free charging deals

Fastned is increasing its UK footprint fast: Fastned and Tesla are creating an Energy Superhub, a dual-branded charging station in Oxford, UK

Fastned's charging hub render
Image: Fastned

‣ Fastned is increasing its UK footprint fast: Fastned and Tesla are creating an Energy Superhub, a dual-branded charging station in Oxford, UK. Fastned, teaming up with Oxford City Council, Pivot Power and Wenea to build and operate the Superhub, which will feature 14 fast chargers. The site will also feature 12 Tesla Superchargers. With a massive 10MW of power available, the hub is set for future expansion and opens by the end of the year. Initially, on the Fastned side, 10 EVs can simultaneously charge at up to 300 kW. CEO of Fastned, Michiel Langezaal, said:

Our mission is to accelerate the transition towards electric mobility by giving freedom to electric drivers. EV drivers experience this freedom when they know that fast and convenient charging is omnipresent. [...] We need hundreds more and will therefore continue to engage with landowners and partners such as Pivot Power across the UK. Big stations are the only way to provide charging capacity to the exponentially growing number of EVs coming to our roads.

‣ California, US announced $17.5M for EV charging in rural areas, both for fast charging and Level2, which will cover up to 75% of the EV charging equipment costs (link). Now, this is where I do see the governments stepping in - providing incentives to build chargers where they can't be commercially viable due to lower demand but are needed nevertheless.

Another project on the other side of the world, Connected Kerb together with Kent County Council is installing chargers in massively underserved areas of Kent County, which have 20 to 30 times fewer chargers per 100k people than London (link).

‣ Ioniq 5 owners will get two years of unlimited 30-minute complimentary charging sessions in Electrify America's network. (link). This is not the first time, though. Previously, in Electrify America and the Automakers:

  • Hyundai's announced offering 250kWh of free charging for 2021 Kona Electric and Ioniq Electric models (link).
  • Volkswagen offers all 2021 VW ID.4 owners three years of free unlimited charging (link). Connection -> Electrify America is VW's subsidiary started because of the #dieselgate scandal.
  • Ford's Mustang Mach-E customers receive 250kWh of free charging (link).
  • Porsche Taycan owners get three years of free  unlimited charging (link).
  • Lucid Motors gives access to 350kWh of free charging for three years for anyone reserving the Lucid Air in 2021 (link).
  • Jeep will provide free charging for Jeep owners in its joint network called the 4xe Charging Network (link).

‣ EA claims that across the country, 96 percent of the population live within 120 miles of an Electrify America charger.

Arena del Futuro will feature a 1,050-metre ring road with inductive charging in Brescia, Italy. ElectrReon wireless will provide its tech to charge two Stellantis vehicles and an Iveco Bus. The project aims to demonstrate contactless charging for a range of EVs as they drive on highways and toll roads as a potential pathway to decarbonizing our transportation systems along motorway transport corridors. (link).

‣Audi pilots its concept for quick charging, featuring a lounge and exclusive reservations (link).

‣ UK's energy regulator Ofgem will invest £300M ($424M) in low carbon projects, including cabling for 1,800 new ultra-rapid charge points along the motorways in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland and 1,750 charge points in towns and cities (link).

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