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#30 | MODELS: Bill Nye and Taycan, Subaru Solterra, Rivian R1T Specs


I think we can call this an EV ad. Bill Nye The Science Guy heads to the track and garage to explain how the Taycan is able to be driven hard time and again on a single charge. This 5-episode list is worth to check out. ✔️

SUBARU teases the first electric SUV will be named Solterra and coming to the US in 2022 (link)

Here's GMC Hummer EV off-road testing on the MOAB trails (video). I don't see anything a Rivian R1S couldn't do so far. Hummer claims to be the world's first all-electric supertruck.

Talking of Rivian, the Owner's forum found an example of R1T with a winch in front (link)

Something new: Baltasar Revolt EV for track racing premiere. €230k gets you 500bhp, 1000Nm torque, 2,5s 0-60mph and weighing only 770kg (1,700lb). Deliveries next year and a design-focused around formula one driving (video).

SONO MOTORS, the solar EV startup, signed a letter of intent to investigate integrating solar panels to the MANs eTGE electric vans (link). This is probably the first of many, as CEO Laurin Hahn has mentioned their idea of licensing the solar-integration tech to other automakers before.

BMW brought in Hans Zimmer, the composer for Lion King and Pirates of the Caribbean among others, to give the M versions of the upcoming BMW i4 cars a distinctive sound (video).

Teaser of new electric Polaris Ranger UTV tow a fully loaded logging truck (video).

RIVIAN features a 7-day, 1,000-mile return policy for their R1T truck and R1S SUV. It's notable, because it doesn't matter if you've driven the vehicle or not, unlike Tesla's return policy (link). They also released more specs of the R1T (link).

The 3rd-party Tesla Cybertruck's camper system, Cyberlandr has received over $50M worth of orders, all before the real production of either (link).

KIA EV6 now available to order in Europe (link).

Here's Franz von Holzhausen testing the Arcimoto FUV, a three-wheeler I personally think is awesome (link).

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