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#30 | FACTORIES & PRODUCTION: NIO NeoPark, Lion Electric's new site

NIO will build a massive 68.6M square meter (nearly 17k acres) NeoPark, a smart EV industry park in Hefei, China. In comparison, that's 12 times the size of Tesla's Fremont plant. With $7,7B in investments planned for the first phase, the park would have jobs for 10k R&D personnel and 40k technical workers, outputting 1 million EVs and 100GWh in battery packs a year. (link) Another little connection node for you - Hefei is the capital of Anhui Province, the same location Volkswagen is building its new MEB platform plant as a joint venture with JAC, which will be completed by mid-2022 (link).

GM to invest $1B in a manufacturing complex in Mexico to build electric vehicles. United Auto Workers doesn't like it and lobbies against. (link).

An expansion is currently underway at the Teslas Grohmann Automation site in Prüm, Germany (tweet).

Mercedes-Benz EQS started production at Factory 56 in the Sindelfingen plant (link).

LION ELECTRIC will build a US plant in Joliet Illinois, becoming the largest electric medium-and heavy-duty vehicles plant in US (pdf). The electric commercial urban truck, bus and minibus maker, also listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under TSX: $LEV (link).

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