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#30 | BATTERIES & MINING: Tesla consumed more Lithium than the next four EV makers.

Image: Adamas Intelligence

Tesla consumed more Lithium in 2020 than the next four EV makers, BYD, VW, Renault and Audi, combined. 67% of Tesla's 18,7t of lithium consumption fell to the Model 3, 17% to the Model Y and the remaining 16% to S+X. (link)

Tesla's Giga Berlin's new plans that now include the battery factory, got positive feedback from Brandenburg Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke. "We have already ordered most of the equipment for battery production in Berlin," said Musk. There have been reports of the completion of Giga Berlin being pushed 6 months due to numerous constraints, but a Teslarati exclusive gets a different view by Jörg Steinbach, the German Economic Minister of the State of Brandenburg (link):

“I don’t have the faintest idea of how anyone can come up with a six-month delay. If nothing happens out of the ordinary, I still expect a start of production in late Summer or Early Autumn.”

NIO will shift to Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries by CATL on its entry-level EVs to cut costs, much like Tesla's M3 in China (link).

BMW Group started production of battery components at its plants in Leipzig and Regensburg and expanding its e-drive production network. More than €250M ($300M) will be invested in these two locations for EV supply (link).

CATL leads the global EV battery capacity shipped in Q1 2021 with 15,1GWh or 31,5% of the global output, LG Chem is at 9,8GWh or 20,5% of the output, and Panasonic with 8GWh or 16,7% of the output. Others are <10%. Why is CATL winning all of a sudden? Probably because it produces the cheaper cobalt-free LFP batteries that Panasonic and LG Chem do not. (link)

Solid Power, the solid-state battery developer, closed a $130M Series B round, led by BMW, Ford and Volta Energy Technologies (link). So now we know that Solid Power will be behind the BMW demo solid-state battery vehicle before 2025. *jots down yet another connection*

LG CHEM launched a new carbon nanotube (CNT, used for cathode in EV batteries) plant in Korea, largest of its kind (link).

ULTIUM CELLS LLC (GM & LG joint venture) announced an agreement with Li-Cycle to recycle up to 100 percent of the material scrap from battery cell manufacturing (link).

STOREDOT signed an agreement with NASA to launch the first space-based battery research initiative for its fast-charging batteries (link).

WORKHORSE will use CATL batteries for its C-650 and C-1000 models starting this quarter (link).

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